Do you have labels for slides?

Freezerworks offers two solutions for slide labels:

  • 0.9″ x 0.9″ Slide label (LBL-08SL3)
  • 0.875″x.95″ label with a clear plastic overcoat “flap” for slides (LBL-15SL1). This label can withstand the chemical process and harsh environment of pathology staining.

Do you offer wraparound labels smaller than the 1 ml vial size?

We offer a .5 ml size format with the bar code printing feature. Contact us if you would like to receive samples. We also offer customization that will allow you to print labels using your own label stock.  Below are photos demonstrating the different sizes of the wraparound label.

above: .5 ml size (LBL-09WR1)above: 1 ml size (LBL-02WR1)above: 1ml (left) and .5ml (right).

Do you have labels that stick to frozen vials?

Wraparound LabelsYes. A number of our clients are able to successfully wrap the wraparound labels on frozen vials so that it adheres permanently. The key is to wipe off frost, and roll quickly.In addition, our software is capable of printing on two different Freezerbondz labels made by Brady. The key is to wipe off frost, and rub at one corner with your thumb, slowly working your way through the rest of the vial.
Slide LabelThe 1″x1″ FreezerBondz™ Labels adhere to frozen vials, lowering the
risk of thaw when labeling samples. (LBL-05F1 & LBL-05FB3B)
Combo LabelsUse Combo labels for labeling the tops and sides of vials. Available in Freezerbondz™ material (LBL-07FBCOM1 & LBL-07FBCOM3) and NitroTag™ material (LBL-18COM1 & LBL-18COM3).

What is the difference between the 1ml portrait and landscape labels?

There is no difference between the two on how the label is placed on the vial, or in the size and dimensions or material. The difference is in how the labels are rolled and placed onto the lining. Portrait labels (below) are rolled lengthwise and so the roll will hold fewer labels. But this allows the bar code printer to print from left to right, rather than top to bottom. This produces a much clearer label for scanning.


Landscape labels (below) are printed from top to bottom, making the bar code less clear for scanning if the value bar coded contains letters or is very long. Rolled width-wise, the landscape will use less ribbon and allow for more labels per roll.