How Our Configurability Serves the Needs of Different Tissue Banks

Configurability is the Freezerworks advantage when it comes to managing today’s Tissue Bank.

Doctor Angelique CorthalsDr. Angelique Corthals is the Scientific Director of the Tissue Bank at Stony Brook Hospital in New York. Prior to this, in 2000, she was instrumental in computerizing the biobank at the American Museum of Natural History. In both cases, she has installed Freezerworks.

Whether storing human or environmental samples, the Freezerworks advantage is configurability. As needs and methods change, configurability empowers the biobank staff to create, manage, update and maintain the data behind the collection of valuable specimens, while saving thousands of dollars in doing so.

Dr. Corthals presented a corporate workshop at the 2012 European, Middle Eastern & African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB) Conference in Grenada. Click the link below to view a PDF of her PowerPoint presentation of the power and flexibility of Freezerworks in both human and environmental biobanking.

Click here for PDF.