Freezerworks Around the World

Read about the use of Freezerworks Unlimited in diabetes research.
The American Museum of Natural History uses Freezerworks Unlimited to keep track of its extensive repository.
Read about the use of Freezerworks in an NCI Epidemiological Study.
Read about the use of Freezerworks in a large HIV Clinical Trial at VaxGen.

A discussion on the safe handling and containment of select agents, including the role of software, such as Freezerworks.

Institution web sites that discuss the use of Freezerworks in their operations:
SVF Foundation:
Tuberculosis Research Unit Specimen Repository, Case Western Reserve University:
Gynecologic Disease Program, headquarters at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center:
Appalachian Rural Health Institute, Ohio University:
Surgical Tissue Bank, University of Hong Kong:
Pediatric Clinical Research Center, University of California, San Francisco: