Johns Hopkins Biological Repository & Freezerworks: 1 Million Aliquots and Counting

The development of the Johns Hopkins Biological Repository (Director: Dr. Homayoon Farzadegan) is a remarkable story. More than one million frozen research samples were moved out of labs and hallways and into a state-of-the-art off-site biobank facility.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezers line the aisles of the Johns Hopkins University Biorepository
Taylor-Wharton liquid nitrogen tanks in use at the JHU biorepository. Brett Purinton shared with the Freezerworks users how LN2 tanks offer great advantages in protecting samples during power outages in emergency situations.

Stacey Cayetano and Brett Purinton shared the development of the Johns Hopkins repository and their use of Freezerworks Unlimited at our 2013 Users Meeting. Freezerworks Unlimited was configured by Stacey and Brett and the JHBR staff into a full featured (and affordable) Biorepository Information Management System, managing everything from testing and results to storage and shipping.

Their Powerpoint presentation can be viewed in PDF form here.