Release Notes – FROST

Version 2.3 • RELEASE NOTES

March 2014


System Wide User Interface

  • Update menus to improve the user experience (M31410)
  • Replaced floating small window with a full screen window and added tool tips on every screen: drop-down boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, text entry boxes, and buttons (M31402)
  • Allow the user to select their own logo to be displayed on every screen (M10144, M24205, M21723)

System Properties

  • Allow users to configure SOAP time-out setting (M29705, M29431)
  • In the Preferences menu, added the ability to save the connection configuration as well as add multiple connection configurations. (M5957)
  • Add a “Test Connection” button to the Configure Connection form (M31407)

Search Services

  • Decrease the time to process search results (M29778)
  • Display the results from each search in their own tab (M31403)

Saved Searches

  • Allow modification of Report header and footer (M26888)
  • Provide users the ability to remove the _2 from the fields in the results list if it is present.(M27034)


  • Allow users to access Help menu without being logged into the program (M12714)


  • Passwords with symbols return an invalid password error message (E27250)
  • Numeric and date field sort does not work properly (E5772)