New Freezerworks Logo Unveiled

  • Dataworks Development Inc has created a new logo for their Freezerworks Sample Management Software
The new logo represents a new day for a software program that is already well regarded in the laboratory research community

Mountlake Terrace, WA  –  March 30, 2015

On April 1, 2015, Dataworks Development, Inc.released a new logo design for its laboratory information management system in anticipation of the release of their latest product, Freezerworks 2015. This software upgrade will feature some significant and important changes, and the company says it wanted a new logo to symbolize this fresh start.

To highlight the company’s roots in the Pacific Northwest and its proximity to the area’s mountain ranges, Freezerworks 2015 has chosen a decidedly alpine theme. The upgrade integrates the basic and premium versions of its software into a single platform and offers users three editions to choose from: Base, Ascent and Summit.

Under this change, current Freezerworks Basic users will upgrade to the Base edition, which will offer the usual features along with a number of implements previously available only in the Unlimited version. Meanwhile, Freezerworks Unlimited users will be grouped into either the Ascent or Summit editions. Some features of the top-tiered Summit edition will include a configurable patient data table to link donors to their sample records and powerful security controls for greater ease in protecting patient health information (PHI). For example, the User Defined Fields can now be tagged as a PHI field, automatically hiding it from view. To meet with evolving federal guidelines, the audit trail now also records every time that sensitive patient data is viewed, noting the time, date and user accessing the data.

Dataworks Development says its new upgrade and concept are designed for the challenges facing modern researchers.

“By integrating the two Freezerworks platforms, Basic and Unlimited, while adding a new patient management module, we create a path to a new way to experience sample management,” said Rick Michels, Marketing Vice President. “The names Base, Ascent and Summit suggest the integrated pathway Freezerworks offers the researcher. It also highlights that Freezerworks, like a mountain, is ‘scalable.’”

To reflect these innovative changes, Dataworks has also created a more modern Freezerworks logo, which it is releasing before the upgrade. While the company decided to stay with a similar color scheme, it wanted to incorporate their work with DNA and biospecimen science into the design. As a result, the new logo features a completely different font and a new emblem that resembles a strand of DNA in Freezerworks colors, with an “F” highlighted in blue.

The company says that the new logo is “cleaner” than their previous design, while highlighting a large part of what their organization does.

“The new logo represents a new day for a software program that is already well regarded in the laboratory research community,” said Michels.

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