New features in the Freezerworks 2015 8.1 update – now available

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This update has a number of great new features. Below we feature the top four. For a complete listing of features and corrections included in this update, see our release notes using the link at the bottom of the page.

Integration/link tool with SQL Views right on your Samples Entry Screens

SQL Views are easy to set up and display information from other databases on samples and patients using key field links.  This read only feature is Available in Ascent and Summit editions.

Freezerworks is linked with an SQL database and the Patient ID field managed by the Pathology Department by using SQL Views

Click here to see how easy it is to set up an SQL View

The Freezerworks SQL View is available for Ascent and Summit edition users who upgrade to 8.1.
How it works 

Configure Freezerworks to access external databases:

  1. Add an SQL View by selecting an ODBC data source
  2. Tell Freezerworks which field in the external database corresponds to the identical field in Freezerworks

SQL Views configuration screen in Freezerworks Ascent and Summit Editions
Above: Freezerworks is linked with an SQL database’s table “Samples” and a field “Patient_ID is matched with the Freezerworks Patient ID UDF. Above and Below: SQL View Columns are those data fields in the SQL table that you want included in the SQL view area when a match is found between the Freezerworks Patient ID and the Patient ID in the external database’s Sample table.

  1. Select the fields in the external database you want displayed on your Freezerworks screen

Select what columns you want to display for your SQL view in the SQL View Configuration screen

  1. Test your connection, and configure any “Advanced Joins” if you wish to include data from other tables associated with the external database.
  2. Now, add your view to your Samples Entry Screen(s) by selecting the SQL Tool from the palette

The SQL Tool is the top right most tool in the Sample or Aliquot Entry Configuration Screen    Freezerworks is linked with an SQL database and the Patient ID field managed by the Pathology Department by using SQL Views

Default blank

Demo Content


Graphical Display of Count Reports

Display your Freezerworks data visually with our count report dashboard. Create bar, chart, scatter graphs of totals and percentages based on any system or user-defined field. Available in all editions.

Pie graph showing the total count of samples, aliquots, and transactions bar graph showing the total count of samples, aliquots, and transactions in each freezer location


Multiple User Defined Field Editors

It is now possible with 8.1 to designate a “Group administrator” to manage the User Defined Fields for that Group.   When an administrator created User Defined Fields and their properties, he can now assign other users access to edit these fields. Available in Summit edition.

Group Security now available in Freezerworks Summit Edition


XML Import/Export of User Defined Fields

This feature allows Freezerworks owners and collaborators to easily share User Defined Fields (UDFs) and their properties, making it easier to standardize and administer data fields and properties over multiple sites. UDFs can be created in one copy and exported to an XML file that can be quickly installed into other copies. Available in all editions.

User Defined Fields UDFs can be easily exported as an XML file for efficient field management

Freezerworks 2015 8.1 release notes.

Freezerworks owners will receive an email with instructions on how to receive and install the update. Contact support if you have questions or need additional information.

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