The Periodic Table of Compliance

Periodic Table displaying the Elements of Compliance needed to maintain a Regulated Lab, such as Audit Trails and Reporting When it comes to lab compliance, it’s important to make sure the fundamental elements are present. There is a wide range of issues related to compliance in lab management. Management has to keep up with and comply with all of them.

To better manage complex compliance issues, you need a lab management system that helps you maintain proper control of processes, data and people. At Freezerworks, we refer to this important component of LIMS development as the periodic table of compliance. While no LIMS can claim to make your entire system “complaint,” Freezerworks brings assurance to one area of the compliance table shown above.

Here is a closer look at six of the top elements of an LIMS compliance system.

At – Audit Trail
Lab management software needs to provide tamper-proof, real-time audit reporting to ensure compliance with federal, state, industrial and local requirements. An audit trail includes a highly detailed accounting of each sample handled, including the date and time of receipt, lab employees who handled the sample, reagents and instruments used, and sequencing of work on the sample.

Laboratory Management Systems allow lab techs to process sequenced workflows on their biorepository collection
A powerful lab management system tracks the usage of reagents and the handling of samples throughout lab processes.
Ua – User Authentication
A secure LIMS will authenticate each user separately with a unique login and password using state-of-the-art password management and encryption. The identity management process ensures user activity is tracked electronically so that any and all supplies, equipment and samples used can be traced.

L – Labeling
Accurate labeling is essential for lab efficiency and patient safety. Barcoding labels via an integrated system that includes printing and scanning creates a seamless, one-system solution. Accuracy provides confidence among lab customers and enhances safety. Such systems also ensure that related services such as sample tracking, workflow management, and complete record-keeping are completed efficiently within a single system.

Sw – Sequenced Workflows
With sequenced workflows managed by a lab management system, your lab maintains proper procedures consistently from sample to sample. With an LIMS tracking and managing workflows, there is uniformity in the way that processes are followed, tests are completed and samples are handled at every phase of processing.

With the help of a LIMS, a laboratory technician successfully retrieves samples
Proper foundational elements ensure that lab processes follow proscribed patterns and report in real time.
Qv – Qualified Vendor
There is a lot to be said for choosing an LIMS that knows the complexities of modern lab management, provides configurable functionality, and contains validation scripts that can be used during installation and vendor qualification.

A qualified vendor uses best practices when it comes to validation processes and ensures each module is validated using test scripts. Top vendors provide different versions of LIMS to meet the needs of labs of different sizes and in different industries.

R – Reporting
The last core element on our periodic table is accurate, real-time reporting, which can be used by lab managers, regulators, and inspectors. In addition to a comprehensive suite of standard reports, the best systems offer end users the flexibility to add and remove fields and adjust label formats and screen options without the need for programmers or specialized work orders to the vendor.

Freezerworks believes deeply in the importance of these fundamental elements in delivering excellent lab management system to their customers. Years of experience working with labs of all sizes and types have equipped Freezerworks with considerable expertise. We use that expertise to provide enterprise solutions that markedly improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety. To learn more about how these foundational elements can provide your lab with the best LIMS solution on the market, request a demo v today.