Freezerworks Ascent Edition

Upgrade your Sample Management with Freezerworks AscentAscent has all the features needed for effective and fully annotated sample management. Group features provide multi-tenancy options with security. Each group can access and manage its own freezers, screens, and formats. Additional features facilitate streamlined collaboration with those in and outside of your organization.

Ascent has all the features of Base plus the following:


Administrators can configure Roles for efficient user provisioning Click to enlarge.

Greater flexibility in User Permissions with Roles.

With Ascent, you can create unlimited Roles and craft permissions and restrictions based on specific tasks and authority.


GeneRic Bio - Cancer Research Group can restrict or allow other Groups access to Samples.
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Groups: Create any number of groups within Freezerworks and assign users to one or more groups. Groups are central to Freezerworks’ security:

  • Groups can own Samples and restrict access to those Samples
  • Groups can be provided access to individual Aliquots based on their Freezer Location
In addition, a number of configurable formats and tools can be assigned to individual Groups:
  • Entry Screens and List Views
  • Saved Searches
  • Import and Export Formats
  • Labels and Reports


View and download shipment information via the Web Client
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Requisitions: Manage requests for Aliquots from internal and external customers. Fulfill Requisitions by using a configurable workflow that includes optional shipping information.


Freezerworks can display external data using SQL views
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SQL Views are easy to set up. They display information in Freezerworks client but the data still resides in the external database. This read-only feature is available in Ascent and above.

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