Information for the IT Professional

“Freezerworks allows for smooth migrations and upgrades. The straight forward backup functionality simplifies data redundancy and archive processes. Freezerworks’ flexibility and limited system resource load have enabled the team to easily manage numerous international deployments and continue to support the labs over the years.” – Matthew Johnston, IT Operations Manager

You can rest assured your site’s Freezerworks installation will be both secure and IT friendly. Freezerworks is developed in 4D, a powerful, multi-platform programming language. Mac and Windows desktops can both utilize Freezerworks.  Freezerworks offers for the IT professional:

  • Best Practice password security (SHA512)
  • Automated Backup system. Set up and schedule according to your organization’s requirements.

Above: the Freezerworks Backup Configuration screen. Click to enlarge.

  • Completely documented ODBC and Web Services manual for integration with other applications.
  • Complete System Administrators Manual for effective maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Administrator Friendly interface for managing multiple groups and users
  • TCP/IP data transmission allows you to run Client/Server over a secure internet connection for remote access.
  • Web services: develop mobile applications, web pages, and integrate with other applications while utilizing the Freezerworks security features through our Web Services. Included is our Web Client for web based access to samples and aliquot data using any of the popular web browsers.
  • SQL Views: Display relevant data from other databases in Freezerworks. Easy to set up. Available in Freezerworks 2015 8.1

Above: The Freezerworks server dashboard. Click to enlarge.

  • Real time Server Dashboard to maintain server load
  • Powerful configurability features give you the benefits of open source without the administrative headaches of maintaining the code base.  Freezerworks is fully validated according to FDA Guidance documents and regulations for GxP.
  • LDAP authentication.