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Upgrade Your Laboratory Management Software

Save time and resources with laboratory management software that works with your team. From laboratory assistants to principal investigators, Freezerworks gives each of your users the tools to complete tasks faster than ever. Feel secure knowing Freezerworks was created in accordance with FDA general principles and is a vital tool for CAP accreditation. Freezerworks sets you on the path to a worry-free enterprise with a comprehensive security feature set, a powerful API, and cryogenic-safe barcode labeling.

Laboratory Management software streamlines labs

Provide your team with tools to succeed

Foster efficiency with Freezerworks, a solution that is as flexible as it is user-friendly. Tools, such as Workflow Templates, protect your research time from repetitive tasks. A variety of jobs can be completed with the click of a button. Configure workflows to allow users to print labels, update data, send email alerts, pool samples, and much more. Streamline daily tasks with configurable laboratory management software.

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How can laboratory management software improve your organization?

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Configure Quickly, Go Live Fast

Built with the user in mind, without leaving the organization behind

All laboratories are unique, and Freezerworks provides the tools and configuration options to meet your standards without compromising functionality. Laboratory management software implementation doesn’t need to take years; get your results quicker. Depending on the needs of your organization, tools are available for both the non-programmer and the programmer.
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Share Data Securely

Sample security is a top priority

Laboratories often require that many teams share a single database. Protect inventory data by managing who can view, add, and edit specific data with users, roles, and groups. If your organization tracks patient information, patient confidentiality is a must. Control and track access to masked sensitive data with Freezerworks.
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Fewer Steps, Better Data

Spend more time on the research

Integrate Freezerworks into your laboratory operations to enhance productivity and efficiency. Configure Workflow Templates to improve quality and efficiency when completing daily tasks. Update sample, aliquot, and patient data with the REST API, search and update your inventory using the Freezerworks Web Client, and view data from outside sources using the Freezerworks SQL views.
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Our Audit Trail's Got Your Back

Ensure the integrity and reliability of your live data

Freezerworks provides a complete chronological record of actions that allow users to examine their process in detail, saving time and resources during an audit. In addition to great support, Freezerworks also offers optional IQ/OQ scripts and a Validation Verification Package for organizations that operate in a validated environment.


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