LIMS Testing

Both our Summit and Pinnacle editions of Freezerworks include test configuration. This powerful feature is now more streamlined than ever. Your turnaround times will be shorter and your customers, internal or external, will be happy when they notice results show up faster.

Use the Testing feature to manage the testing and reporting of sample tests. With it you can:

  • Set up qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Mark samples or aliquots for tests
  • Track the chain of custody of all samples undergoing tests
  • Batch order samples for testing
  • Use import to automate test ordering and result entries
  • Print test results reports
  • Flag results for additional tests based on age, gender, etc.

These videos demonstrate how it’s done:
Part 1: Testing Intro & Overview
Part 2: Test Configuration
Part 3: Order, Pick up, & Complete Tests
Part 4: Enter Test Results