Release Notes

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Label Printing in the Browser Client

Label Printing now works in the Browser Client without the need for shared printers. (FW-61040)
This fix required the modification of the orientation for the Wraparound Landscape Small (LBL-19WR3) Label Type. (FW-62164)

Duplicate Freezer Positions

Under rare circumstances, it was possible for two users to assign the same unique Freezer Position to different Aliquots. (FW-60485, FW-61699)

Web Token Expiration

Web Tokens were not properly refreshed when printing Reports or Labels in the Browser Client. (FW-61193)

Base Edition

Updates to the Base Edition of Freezerworks including the following additions: Workflows, Batch Entry, modifiable Roles, Scheduled Searches, new Field types, increased amount of User Defined Fields.

Errors Corrected

Viewing PHI not logged under certain conditions. (FW-60792, FW-61230)
Modifying a Sample Owner not working properly through the Web Client. (FW-61100, FW- 61102) This release includes corrections deemed critical enough to warrant a hotfix release:

Chromium Update

A recent update to Chromium caused a number of issues with checkboxes, popovers, and date fields on our browser client. (FW-60837)

Flatbed Scanners

Processing Check In Workflows with a Flatbed Scanner was impossible on the browser client. (FW-60871)

Aliases API Endpoint

Freezer Aliases were not loading properly on the browser client due to a problem with an API endpoint. (FW-60868)

Improve REST API and Web Client Login Security

We have implemented ‘Bearer’ authentication for web services using JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).

Invoicing Restored

A subset of the Invoicing module and all related tools and fields have been restored to Summit and Pinnacle Editions.

Errors Corrected

This release contains corrections to 25 errors, including the following reported by Customers:
  • Selecting a PDF printer when printing labels on the Web Client crashed the server (FW-59829).
  • Searches that returned all records were providing the wrong HTTP status code, which would indicate not everything was returned (FW-60065).
  • Charts would not be savable in particular instances (FW-60066).
  • Audit Trail Reasons were always required when deleting Aliquots from inside a Samples Entry Form on the Desktop Client (FW-59832).
  • The “Receive New Samples” feature was not usable for Studies without Arms (FW-59805).
  • Date format YYYY-MM-DD was not working with Calculated Fields (FW-60524).
  • Script Editor was accessible through User Defined Reports configuration (FW-60431).

Receive Kits on the Web Client

New tool for receiving pre-generated kits on the Web Client. Previously, this feature was only available on the Desktop Client.

SAML for Ascent Edition

SAML is now an available authentication option in Freezerworks Ascent Edition.

User’s Guide Link Added to the Web Client

Help documentation can now be quickly accessed from the Web Client’s Home page.

Customer Number

An optional field where you can store your Customer Number has been added to the Desktop Client’s Licensing form. This will assist Users when they call for support.

Invoicing Deprecated

The Invoicing module and all related tools and fields have been removed from all editions of Freezerworks.

Errors Corrected

This release includes corrections to 48 errors reported by Customers, including the following critical errors:

Performance on Desktop Client
  • Large dips in performance were reported when adding to a Shipment (FW-58785), viewing a Shipment (FW-58786), and viewing a Study (FW-59369).
Label Printing on Web Client
  • Combo labels were blank when printed (FW-55710).
  • Browser-specific printing dialogs made labels challenging in general (FW-58710).
  • Negative numeric values with trailing zeroes drew invalid value errors (FW-59134).
  • Specific date formats created blank data (FW-59214).
Quick Search
  • Using a unique Patient identifier for Quick Search would lock Patient records (FW- 58902).
Change Password on Web Client
  • There was no way to change your password without first logging in, creating problems for users when passwords expire (FW-58874).
Process Workflows on Web Client
  • Invalid position error when assigning to a Freezer with less than 5 subdivisions prevented Workflow from processing (FW-58485).
  • Shipment Workflows were impossible to process if Freezer Position was modifiable during processing (FW-59222).
Receive Kits on Desktop Client
  • Freezer Positions were not assigned to Aliquots according to the order in which they were scanned (FW-58862).
Create Sub-Aliquots
  • The Workflow “Find Empty Box” setting did not work for Parent Aliquots (FW-58526).
  • Non-modifiable Freezer assignment for Parent Aliquots corrupted position data for Sub- Aliquots when processing Workflow (FW-58679).
  • Incorrect number of Sub-Aliquots created when adding values for a unique Field during a Workflow (FW-58868).
  • Parent Aliquot ID not correctly assigned when creating Sub-Aliquots back-to-back (FW- 58928).
  • Calculated Fields are not updated for new Sub-Aliquots after running a Sub-Aliquot Workflow (FW-59048).
API Docs
  • API docs would not load with TLS/SSL enabled (FW-58466).
  • Directory transversal was possible through the API docs (FW-59201).
This release includes support for SAML Authentication in the Freezerworks Desktop Client. This release includes a single change to address an issue with the display of Freezer boxes.


New workflow type to select individual Aliquots and process them together to form a new pooled Sample. New search functionality to accommodate pooled Samples. Full traceability of pooled Samples from, and to, source Patient, Sample, and Aliquot. Available in both desktop and web client.

Freezer Alias

Enhance use of Freezer Alias throughout the program.


Easy entry of unique values during sub-aliquot process.


Ability to rotate fields and barcodes on printed labels.

Notes Tab

The Notes tab on the Samples entry form has been deprecated. The Notes field can be added to entry forms at will.

Additions to Web Client

Explore Freezers – a powerful, visual representation of your Freezers with all of the functionality available in the desktop client.

Charts – addition of stacked bar graphs and expanded date ranges to include daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly aggregate data

List View – configurable “My List View” provided to each user for each record type (e.g., Samples, Aliquots, etc.)

Batch Update – from the list view, update the value of a field in a selection of records

Pinnacle Edition

Visit Modeling – improve user experience with drag and drop capability, batch update, and duplication

Import Visit Lists – import lists of Visit IDs to existing Studies in order to easily integrate legacy data from completed visits

Enrollments – expose Enrollments as an entity within Freezerworks with full search and reporting capability on metadata including consent information.

Kit Data – provide access to pre-generated Samples and Aliquots for editing prior to receipt (e.g., at the collection site)

Import – ability to use Import to create new Enrollments or modify existing Enrollments; ability to use Import to link Samples/Aliquots to Study/Visit/Enrollment

Web Client – add standard functionality including Linking Samples to Study Visits, Creating Kits, Printing Kit Labels, and search on all Study related data

Desktop Client – enhance Study Management features to include expected vs. actual enrollment by site, expected vs. actual Samples/Aliquots by Visit, and kit management.

Errors Corrected

This release includes corrections to 53 errors reported by Customers, including the following critical errors:

Web Client Freezer Section assigned to an Aliquot cleared if Default Field to Display was not set in User Preferences (FW-56769)

Batch Update Sub-Aliquot from List View – if Default Freezer is set to a non-unique Freezer, all listed Aliquots will be sub-aliquotted rather than just those selected (FW-55903)

Sub-Aliquot from Samples Entry Form – assign sub-aliquots to a non-unique Freezer can result in the wrong Parent ID being assigned (FW-57707)

Move Aliquots – moving individual aliquots with a Freezer Alias causes the Alias to be reassigned to the individual positions rather than the Box (FW-56309)

Import – including two unique Patient Identifiers can cause data corruption (FW-55782)

Link Samples to Patients – using a multi-page form with patient linking fields on each page can result in the loss of previously entered data (FW-56779)

Duplicate Sample – Immediately opening a newly create duplicate sample can cause data corruption (FW-55557)

User Defined Fields – Able to delete System Fields (FW-55919)

Process Workflows on Web Client – if an Exception exists which changes the starting Box Number, the exception is not recognized during workflow processing (FW-56941)

This release includes a single change to address a specific performance issue in data file containing a large number of Freezers. This release includes support for SAML Authentication to the Freezerworks Web Client. Additionally, it provides the ability to create and modify Users via the API. This release includes corrections deemed critical enough to warrant a hotfix release:


Long delay in initial login dependent upon the number of complex fields created. (FW-55658)

Import Unexpected error report prevents the import of data in some cases. (FW-55651)

Import erroneously changed Freezer Position when Aliquot Status should have prevented it. (FW-55687) Patient EnrollmentPatient can be enrolled twice to the same Study Arm with different Participant ID’s (Pinnacle). (FW-55652)

This release includes 58 corrections to errors reported by customers including but not limited to:

Aliquots and Samples Entry

More than 40 fields on an Aliquots entry form causes runtime error. (FW-52409)

Erroneous Sample data is displayed in box map for existing Aliquots when adding new Aliquots. (FW-52160)

Freezer Alias not displaying in Aliquots list on Samples entry screen. (FW-52196)

Aliquot data is not displayed if parent Sample is locked for modification. (FW-49034)

Phantom Aliquots appear sometimes when linking Sample to Patient. (FW-52968 Summit)

Batch Enter – CLIP (Base Edition only) The Next Available Position (NAP) does not always increment correctly. (FW-40437)

Charts When Patient table is renamed, the list view associated with a chart errors out. (FW-49982)

Empty Position Report If Physical Freezer is selected first, the number of empty positions is inaccurate. (FW-52197)

Explore Freezers Freezer capacity displayed in Explore Freezers and Move Aliquots does not take Exceptions into consideration. (FW-54105)

Preference for field to display in Explore Freezers not saving properly. (FW-52911)

Freezer Configuration Exception created without defined number of Rows and Columns does not display or function properly. (FW-52635)

Box maps do not display correctly when the starting position is lower left or lower right. (FW-52867)

Freezer Sections created using a Template or the Duplicate option are locked for modification. (FW-55345)

Single Freezer and Section are locked for modification when no one has them open. (FW-55016)


Apple Events Manager error displayed at random times. (FW-52660)


Import assigned unique Aliquot field to two distinct Aliquot records. (FW-55141)

Data integrity check on Dates related to Current Date not enforced. (FW-54966)

Label Print

Labels print out of order when using Other Actions button on Samples Entry screen. (FW-52438)

Participant Study ID and Site Name not printing on labels consistently. (FW-54951 Pinnacle)


Switching Users from Standard to Lite Named Users does not properly update the license availability. (FW-55130)

List Views

Web Client users with no List Views assigned to their Group experience unusable behavior. (FW-55272; FW-55273)

Print List of Samples does not always display correct Patient data. (FW-52425 Summit)


Can’t paste into User Name and Password fields. (FW-51679)

Using the Enter key on the numeric keypad bypasses password checks. (FW-55498)


Sample Notes are sometimes not editable. (FW-52868)

QC Check

Boxes configured as column major fail QC check. (FW-51906)


Searching for Aliquots based on Study, Visit, Patient, and Aliquot fields does not return correct records. (FW-55399) Searching and sorting for Test Results based on quantitative result performs a string search rather than a numeric search. (FW-55352; FW-51610) iltering current list does not honor the Aliquots per Sample limit defined. (FW-55122)

Patient fields not available in Quick Search. (FW-53861 Summit)


Samples, Aliquots, and Tests associated with Study to which User has no access are still visible. (FW-54841 Pinnacle)


Second address line does not appear when viewing Shipments. (FW-54967)

Study Management

Opening a study to configure it is extremely slow. (FW-52582 Pinnacle)

A Patient can be enrolled twice in the same Study with two different Participant Study ID’s when using an import file to enroll. (FW-55059 Pinnacle)

Participant Study ID cannot be reassigned if erroneous Patient is deleted. (FW-55277 Pinnacle)

User Defined Field Operation

Calculated field based on Patient field and Sample field does not always update immediately. (FW-54936)

When Patient table is renamed, some system fields are not properly updated. (FW-55185)

Count fields based on Aliquot Status not updating in real time. (FW-53806)

Default values based on choice list are not always populated. (FW-54931)

Allow more than 26 dependent default values to handle large data dictionary implementations. (FW-52311)

Web Client Vulnerabilities

Addressed all known vulnerabilities and security concerns with Web Client. (FW-55123)


Workflow template names are editable during processing. (FW-52399)

Processing a shipping workflow followed immediately by a second one can result in the wrong Aliquots being selected for processing. (FW-52696)

Deleting a field that is part of a workflow template causes the template to be locked for modification. (FW-55199)

This release provides compatibility with the Mac operating systems “Catalina” and “Big Sur.”

Freezerworks 2021 is an upgrade primarily to the Web Client, greatly expanding the functionality of the API.

Major Modifications

The Web Client now includes the following feature set:
  • Configure Sample and Patient Entry Forms for exclusive use on the Web Client
  • Enter, Modify, and/or Delete Patients, Samples, Aliquots, and Transactions
  • Print labels
  • Process Workflows that include Shipments, Sub-Aliquots, Tests, and Invoicing
  • View Studies, Visits, Tests, and Results associated with Patients, Samples, or Aliquots

The Web Client is now available in all 4 Editions for anyone licensing the Server version of Freezerworks.

Executing a Search on the Desktop Client allows you the option to further filter the results by executing a second Saved Search. (FW-42251)

Client Licensing has been changed from a concurrent user model to a named user model.

Error Corrections

This release includes 7 corrections to critical errors reported by customers including but not limited to:

Import – Freezer Assignment inaccurate when a mix of 3 and 5 subdivision Freezers are included with Interactive Auto-Assign. (FW-54229)

Pinnacle – Receiving Samples – Aliquots are being assigned locations out of the order modeled. (FW-48966)

Pinnacle – Creating Kits by Date Range – Patient data missing from Visit Labels. (FW-54055)

Performance – Updating inactive Count and Sum fields negatively impacts performance. (FW-54529)

Export Test Results – Patient data missing from export file. (FW-54488)

Error Corrections

This release includes 26 corrections to errors reported by customers including but not limited to:

Aliquot Entry – Can add duplicate values to unique fields via Modify List on Samples Entry Form (FW-52175)

Aliquot Entry – Missing Dependent Primary Key and Runtime error occurs when restricted choice list is based on other Aliquot fields (FW-52056)

Aliquot Entry – “The selected Position is already used” error message when viewing an existing Aliquot (FW-49340)

Aliquot Entry – When adding Aliquots, the Number of Aliquots no longer defaults to the field value (FW-51752)

Assign Aliquots – Other Actions – Clear Freezer Position option not functioning correctly (FW-51948, FW-51753)

Assign Aliquots – Batch Update Add Aliquots does not respect sort order when assigning positions (FW-51710)

Batch Entry – Performance improvements when using Batch Entry (FW-51665)

Batch Update – Patient Fields are not able to be Batch Updated (FW-51652)

Configure Freezers – Row/Column exceptions are not saving consistently during configuration (FW-51787)

Configure Freezers – Container Name should no longer be displayed (FW-51900)

Configure Labels – Printer dropdown in Print Preview is truncated (FW-51755)

Fields – Restricted choice list values automatically changed when aliquot is opened to modify (FW-52357)

Fields – Sample Field dependencies based on Patient Fields are not triggered (FW-51763)

Fields – Calculated Field based on Date does not trigger if using the Date Picker (FW-51761)

Fields – A Calculated Field based on a Calculated Field that is not on a form does not update (FW-51762)

Import – Samples not populating Auto-Read Only fields dependent on existing Patient fields that are not modified during the Import (FW-51952; FW-51764)

Import – Import Fields scroll bar is locked if user does not have permission to modify Import formats, preventing visibility to what fields are included in format (FW-51754)

LDAP – LDAPS not functioning under specific network conditions (FW- 51855, FW-51978, FW-51975, FW-48710, FW-51761)

List View – Patient tab displays on List View in Ascent Edition (FW-49345)

Testing – Import confirmation does not show number of tests (FW-52008)

Testing – Importing 2 metric results for the same Test creates two Test records instead of one (FW-52244)

Testing – Double Data Entry can be bypassed due to legacy Chain of Custody (FW-52373)

Testing – Double Data Entry – Results from the first entry are displayed before entering the second entry (FW-52424)

Print List – Runtime Error when print preview is automatic and no XPS writer is installed in the Operating System (FW-52195)

Reports – Numeric Freezer Position fields are sorted incorrectly (FW-48472)

Workflows – Workflows not respecting sort order of Aliquots when assigning freezer positions (FW-52391)

Upgrade method runs unnecessarily when upgrading version 11.0.00 to 11.0.01 (FW-51792)

Error Corrections

MacOS – Aliquot Status Icons do not display in Explore Freezers/Move Aliquots (FW-51699) MacOS – Various cosmetic font/button display issues have been resolved. Aliquot Entry – Freezer position is cleared if the Aliquot is modified using an Entry Form that does not have Freezer Assignment Fields (FW-51773)

Other Modifications

Web Client – Jquery library has been updated to version 3.4.1 (FW-51727)

Freezerworks 2019 is an upgrade to all previous versions of Freezerworks. Because this release includes an upgrade to the underlying database engine, operational and performance qualification, and testing based on your institution’s user requirements is recommended.

This release includes a refreshed User Interface, new Visual Freezers, Configurable Homepages, and changes to Sample Security. The new functionality is thoroughly documented in the User Manual. Below are the highlights:

User Interface Refresh

The User Interface has been refreshed to enhance usability:

Field Configuration – Default Values, Conditionally Required, Color Formatting, and Restricted Choice list field definitions have been updated to provide a more intuitive configuration process.

Font Size – The default Font size has been increased throughout the entire program.

System Administration – Roles, Users, Groups – New List View columns provide more utilization data at a glance.

Visual Freezers

A new way of visually configuring and exploring Freezers has been implemented.

Freezer Configuration – The Freezer Configuration Picture can now be configured to more accurately display the layout of the physical Freezers.

Explore Freezers – Added visual navigation through each freezer subdivision along with the already included Box view.

Move Aliquots – Interactive visual display of the Freezer with a new and improved Move system utilizing a “workbench” interface.

Aliquot Entry – Interactive position assignment using the Freezer Graphic on the Aliquot Entry Form.

Configurable Homepages

Configurable Homepages have replaced the Freezerworks Splash Screen, allowing System Wide or Individual Homepages to be configured with shortcuts to common functions.

Sample Security

Sample Ownership is assigned to Groups rather than to Users.

Other Modifications

Workflows – New Workflow type of Sub-Aliquot.

Workflows – Tests can be ordered through Workflows.

Aliquot Status – New Aliquot Statuses added.

Aliquot Status – Added ability to activate/inactivate specific Statuses.

Samples Entry – Enhanced sorting and column filters on the Aliquot Area.

Error Corrections

This release includes 23 corrections to errors reported by customers including but not limited to:

Scheduled Search – Tab delimited Export being emailed with a CSV extension (FW-46173)

Export – Export of Test Results/Orders contains unlimited rows of duplicate data (FW-50861)

Samples Entry – Field dependencies sometimes break on multiple page forms (FW-48047)

Samples Entry – An extraneous Patient record can be created in certain situations (FW-48684)

Import – Error on Import refers to Freezer Name instead of Freezer Section (FW-48703)

Import – Importing sets Total Current Amount to 0 (FW-49346)

Import Test Orders and Results – Runtime error during import (FW-48936)

Groups – Pinnacle edition fields displayed in Summit on Group Configuration (FW-48708)

Groups – Sample Security assignment is wrong if the list is sorted (FW-49953)

Requisitions – An extra blank shipment record is created when fulfilling a Requisition using a Shipping workflow (FW-48937)

Roles – User without permission to View Aliquots is able to use the Search by Location option (FW-48974)

Import – Owner Name assigned during Import is not saved (FW-49095)

Audit Trail – Aliquot fields displayed in Audit Trail not adhering to security definition (FW-49245)

Study Management – When receiving Samples, Aliquots are being assigned freezer positions when not configured to do so (FW-49772)

Advanced Search – Scheduled Search doesn’t run when a Chart has a scheduled auto-refresh (FW-49950)

Count Fields – Fields dependent on Aliquot Status or Freezer Name not being updated properly (FW-48571)

QC Check – Freezer position exceptions are not being taken into account when performing the check (FW-48761)

Error Corrections

  • Scheduled Search – Incorrect results are returned when date fields are searched (FW-48931).
  • Incorrect results are returned when Security is turned on and search returns Aliquots (FW- 48942).
  • Study Management – Calculated fields not printing correctly on labels during kit creation (FW- 48893).
  • Reports – Runtime errors occur after accessing Report Settings during Report Configuration (FW-48815).
  • Labels – Program may become unresponsive if Aliquot print options are selected when printing labels per Sample (FW-48692).
  • Aliquots List on Samples Entry screen – Button actions performed on the wrong Aliquots when the list is not sorted according to Aliquot number (FW-49082).


  • Improved performance on User Login (FW-48707).

Error Correction

  • Corrected upgrade issue when a user opens and saves an upgraded Report (FW-48690).
  • Web Client 1.1.01 – REST API – Authentication headers are no longer stored in Web Server Logs (FW-48668).


  • Increased the performance of the Audit Trail Upgrade process to lessen the upgrade time for customers with large databases (FW-48662).

Error Correction

  • Corrected upgrade issue when a user defined field exists that has the same SQL field name as a newly added System Field (FW-47307).

New Features

  • Web Client Charts and Dashboards – Data visualization tools for the Web Client
  • Single Sign On (SSO) for Windows users


  • Invoicing – Full integration with inventory, workflows, and Study Management
  • Imports – Improved performance

Error Corrections

This update includes 29 corrections to errors reported by customers including:

  • Shipping – Add to Shipping File creates a 2nd Shipment (FW-47703)
  • LDAP – Automatic lock out of users did not apply when using LDAP for authentication (FW-47355)
  • Audit Trail Reasons Requirement – When modifying an Aliquot’s freezer position from within the Samples entry form, the requirement was not invoked. (FW-47457)
  • Workflows – Custodian Name not displaying properly on List View on Samples Entry (FW-46844)
  • Web Client – User with View Only Access to Freezers cannot log into Web Client (FW-47350)
  • Labels – 2D Datamatrix barcode not printing for certain field values (FW-48042)
  • Import – Importing Patients and Samples together generates errors (FW-48267)

Pinnacle Edition:

  • Aliquots created out of order when receiving pre-generated samples (FW-47876)
  • Participant ID cannot be printed on labels (FW-47414)

Error Corrections

  • Shipping – Unable to add to Shipping Files (FW-47428)
  • Field Security – Field security not functioning in Summit edition (FW-47452)
  • Default Values – Values based on another field overrides the selected value (FW-47448)
  • Scheduled Search – Export file contains only the column headers (FW-47482)
  • Fonts – Wingdings font appears on some forms after Windows 10 1803 Update (FW-47468)

Error Correction

  • Updated 4D ODBC Pro licensing for SQL Views. (FW-47373)


  • Reduce the size of the AppData folder created for each user. (FW-47295)

Freezerworks 2018 is an upgrade to all previous versions of Freezerworks. Because this release includes an upgrade to the underlying database engine, performance qualification and testing based on your institution’s user requirements is recommended.

This release includes a new Pinnacle edition which brings Study Management functionality to the program. This new functionality is thoroughly documented in the online Help. Below are the highlights:

Pinnacle Edition

Study Management Module including:

  • Patient Enrollment – track enrollment data, consent, assent, across Studies and/or Arms
  • Visit Modeling – allows the definition of individual Visits within a Study Arm to include what Samples are expected and what Tests should be performed
  • Kit Creation – print labels based on Visit Modeling for individual Patients or for later assignment to Patients
  • Sample Management – view inventory data based on Patient, Visit, Study, individually or in aggregate

Other Modifications

  • Set Number of Aliquots to 1 (one) instead of 0 (zero) when adding to a Sample (FW-45996)
  • Automatically select all Samples or Aliquots listed if a user attempts to perform an operation with none selected (FW-46054)
  • Streamline associating a Sample with a Patient during Samples entry (FW-46725)
  • Allow users to edit/create labels or reports without closing the current list of Samples or Aliquots (FW-45989)
  • Allow specified users (based on Role) to batch update Aliquot Status from the Aliquots List View (FW-46561)

Error Corrections

  • Import – Danish character causes failure to write the data (FW-46980)
  • User Preferences – Upgraded Base Edition users can’t save Preferences (FW-46462)
  • Testing Module – Test configurations remain Active even after checking off the “Active” property (FW-46426)
  • User Defined Fields – Calculated fields built on dates where system date format includes a three character alpha (e.g., MAR, JUL) generate a runtime error (FW-46374)
  • User Defined Reports – Date fields where system date format includes a three character alpha (e.g., MAR, JUL) do not print correctly (FW-46308)
  • Group Assignment of Fields – Separating System fields from User Defined Fields when assigning to Groups does not work properly (FW-46686)
  • Aliquots Entry – User is allowed to manually enter Unique Aliquot ID (FW-46688)
  • Process Workflow – Number of Aliquots with Positions is not updated when modified with a workflow such as Checkout or Check In (FW-46397)
  • QC Check Freezer – Displaying a box that is too large for the window results in scanned values being “lost” (FW-46104)
  • Workflow History – Printing from the workflow history screen generates an error (FW-46632)
  • Export Data – Comma and quote delimiter gets changed to just comma (FW-46032)
  • Label Printing – Barcodes containing very long strings do not always scan correctly (FW-46274)
  • Shipping – Ship To address is not saving properly (FW-46294)
  • Batch Entry – Multiple page formats result in erroneous data integrity checks (FW-45807)
  • Default Values – Values not populating properly on pre-existing Samples (FW-46047)

Base Edition changes are noted with “B”, Ascent with “A”, and Summit with “S”.

Error Correction

Aliquot Entry (BA)

  • In some cases, the Audit Trail entry for the Creation of one Aliquot (out of multiples created) from a Samples Entry screen is missing from the Audit Trail (FW-46056). This error was introduced in Freezerworks 2017, version 9.0.00.


Flatbed Scanner Support (B)

  • Flatbed Scanner integration has been added to Base edition. Users can now use Flatbed Scanners to search Aliquots and perform QC Checks.

Error Corrections

Label Printing (BAS)

  • Images on labels not printing clearly (FW-45804)

Shipments (AS)

  • Shipping contact and tracking information being cleared after processing Workflows (FW-45754)

Batch Update (AS)

  • All Aliquots of a Sample are updated if a calculated field building block is changed with Batch Update. (FW-45880)

Convert Data (S)

  • Runtime error when linking Samples to Patient using the Maintenance – Convert Data option if more than one unique identifier is present. (FW-45891)

Web Client (AS)

  • Incorrect password error when inputting the correct password when multiple Users incorrectly share the same internal ID. (FW-45734)

Fields (BA)

  • Error regarding Current User not being assigned as an editor of the field. (FW-45879)


Flatbed Scanner Support (AS)

  • Users can now use selected Flatbed Scanners to process Workflows, process Shipments, search Aliquots, and perform QC Checks.

Aliquots Entry (BAS)

  • Added functionality to assign Unique ID’s during Aliquot Entry.

User Preferences (BAS)

  • New User Preference is available to set a default field for searching.

Freezerworks 2017 is an upgrade to and replacement for all previous versions of Freezerworks 2015. Because this release includes extensive functional and structural modifications, complete performance qualification and testing based on your institution’s user requirements is recommended.

This release includes many modifications documented in the online Help. Below are the highlights. Base Edition changes are noted with “B”, Ascent with “A”, and Summit with “S”.

Menu Options (BAS)

  • Menu options have been revised for ease of access. Some menu tools have been consolidated onto small forms.

Preferences (BAS)

  • Users are now able to set their own preferences for list views, label formats, freezer sections, etc. Users can also specify which Records to Display at Login, for automatic advanced search routines.

New Field Types (AS)

  • Automatic and Read Only – Similar to Default Value, but become ‘read only’ when triggered so the automatic value cannot be edited.
  • Sum – A display field that allows users to automatically add up values of another field for records that fit their search criteria.
  • URL Link – A calculated field may now be designated as a hyperlink, so that calculations that create valid webpage names can be used as such. On entry forms clickable icons next to the field will allow users to open their default browser to the designated web page.

Multi-Select Choice List (BAS)

  • Users may now select multiple items from choice lists to be saved in a single field. Selected entries are displayed separated by semi-colons.

New Field Property (BAS)

  • “Required Based on Value of Another Field” will allow users to define values or ranges of one field that will require an entry in another field.

Advanced Search (AS)

  • Modifications to the Advanced Search option include an easier-to-use and improved user interface. An Exports and Reports tool has been added than can be used in tandem with Scheduled Searches and Email.

Workflows (AS)

  • Workflows provide templates for standardizing repetitive tasks such as Check Out, Check In, and Shipping. Workflows can automatically update Fields, create Transactions, print reports or labels, and set Freezer Positions.

Requisitions (AS)

  • Internal Freezerworks Users or External Contacts can request Aliquots to be Checked Out or Shipped.

Email (AS)

  • Automated emails can be sent during the Requisition process, Workflows, and Scheduled Searches. Customizable emails can have Reports or Exports attached to them.

Roles (AS)

  • Permission settings for multiple users can be bundled into Roles that describe their activities in Freezerworks.

Expanded Web Client (AS)

  • The browser-based Web Client will now allow users to perform Imports, Workflows, and Requisitions within Freezerworks.

Test Results Management Module (S)

  • Incorporated into Summit
  • Fully integrated into the Inventory List Views
  •  UI enhanced for improved ease of use

Error Corrections and Enhancement Requests
This update includes 91 corrections to errors reported by customers, and 63 enhancements requested by customers. For specific information regarding your requests, please contact

Error Corrections

Freezers and Aliases

  • For Freezers with a mixture of Unique and Non-Unique Sections, selecting a Freezer Alias on the QC Check screen gives user an incorrect non-unique message (FW-40970)
  • Freezer Alias remains on the Aliquot List View after Aliquots are moved to non-aliased locations. (FW-40375)

Batch Update – Sub-Aliquot and Assign Positions

  • The sort order set by Search by Scanned Field or Select by ASCII File is not maintained during the Batch Update process. (FW-41042)

Export and Import

  • Using an Export format to Export is not possible if the user doesn’t have the ability to Update Export Formats. (FW-40608)

  • Using an Import format to Import is not possible if the user doesn’t have the ability to Update Import Formats (FW-40726)

Billing Module

  • Billing Module Invoice is cut off. (FW-40284)


  • Searches return zeroes for NULL Numeric values. (FW-40991)

Enhancement Requests

User Defined Fields

    • Set Field Editor list to automatically include the User who created the field. (FW-40756) Billing Module
    • Print the four lines of address on the Billing Invoice. (FW-40910)

Freezers and Aliquot Assignment

  • Provide a checkbox on Freezer Section to increment Next Available Position on nonunique Freezers. (FW-41019)

Search Performance

  • Index Sample Creation Date and Aliquot Creation Date to improve performance of searches on those fields. (FW-41069)

Error Correction

Import – Audit Trail Reasons dropdown is locked if user does not have permission to Update Import Formats. (FW-40727)

Error Corrections

Modifying Aliquots Data

  • Non-Unique Freezers NAP changing and reporting false Freezer full error (FW-40565)
  • Runtime Error when using Modify List to modify Aliquots (FW-40609)

Shipping – Runtime error when processing Shipment that does not include any available Aliquots (FW-40559)

Import – Selection under “What should be done with new drop down items” does not remain selected after saving an Import format (FW-40416)

List View – Audit Trail inaccurate when using Editable List View to modify multiple Samples (FW-40581)

Field Definitions – Index on Globally Unique Aliquot ID is set to Many Duplicate Values (FW-40591)

Label Printing – Concurrent users cannot print labels from different Samples at the same time (FW-40398)

Users – Permissions on Admin account can be edited by clicking button on an editable User account (FW-40480)

API – SOAP & REST API search results can’t find Samples whose default access level is set to “NO ACCESS” (FW-40482)

ODBC Access – Prevent writing to database using ODBC driver (FW-40619)


Labels – Allow label font size to go down to 4 points (FW-40351)

Upgrade – Prevent error occurring when existing User Defined Field is called “Notes” (FW-40451)

Error Correction

Search by Scanned Field followed by Batch Update – Assign Aliquots – Sort order is not retained and Aliquots’ Freezer Positions not assigned as expected (FW-40297)

Search by ASCII File does not retained sort order (FW-40287)

Audit Trail Reasons Required not being enforced if single Group Profile is selected (FW-40293)

Freezer Position change during Check In does not include the field name “Position” in the Audit Trail record (FW-40269)

Error Correction

Audit Trail Reasons – turning on the requirement for a reason when deleting Aliquots causes errors in adding Aliquots and saving Samples (FW-40202, FW-40182, FW-40181, FW-40180)

List View Column Filter – searching for blank entries bypasses Sample Owner Level Security (FW-40186)

Import – numeric decimal values with a zero after the decimal point generate an error (FW-40192)

Batch Update Sub-Aliquot – creating sub-aliquots immediately after using Batch Entry generates a runtime error (FW-40068)

Count Report – Number of Aliquots reported may be inaccurate if Freezer Level Security is turned on (FW-40187)

SQL Views – numeric decimal values are displayed truncated to the integer portion (FW-40152)

SOAP API – field lists not properly upgraded (FW-40215)

Error Correction

Samples list view displays incorrect associated Patient information (E40128)

Error Correction

SOAP Update service creation clears fields when switching table tabs (E40060)


System Integration – Ability to access other databases from within Freezerworks. This read only functionality provides links to external databases through the use of SQL Views.

Patient Deletion – Specific regulatory requirements mandate the deletion of all Patient related data, including Audit Trails. Freezerworks now provides the ability to delete some or all Patient related data.

Count Reports – Add printable color graphs to standard Count Reports.

Search using ASCII File or Scanned Field – Provide error report of those Samples or Aliquots not found.

User Defined Fields (Summit Edition only) – Allow more than one user in a Group to modify the properties of specific fields.

User Defined Fields – Restore ability to export field configuration to XML for import into another copy of Freezerworks (e.g., pushing configurations from Development to Test to Production environments).

Error Corrections

76 Errors (38 reported by customers) were corrected including (but not limited to):

Date Formatting – Allow the use of a period as a date separator. (E39441)

Audit Trail – Reason for change required when no change was made. (E39229)

Batch Update – Do not allow a field flagged as “Unique” to be batch updated. (E39882)

CLIP – Non-unique Sample IDs were being treated as unique. (E39322)


  • Calculated field created by appending the Aliquot Number to an Auto-Incrementing Number was not populated during Import. (E38977)
  • Sample key field not recognized when adding Samples and Aliquots to an existing Patient (E39415)
  • Import allowed NULL values in the Unique Identifier field when adding Samples and Aliquots (E39458)
  • No longer able to select a Modify & Add Import without a Unique Aliquot field (E39686)

Label Printing

  • Label format cannot be updated due to Error displayed indicating that one or more fields are unavailable. (E38976)
  • Freezer position values no longer print on the label. (E39325)

Scheduled Search at Login does not return results (E39607)


  • Runtime error when exporting data using a saved format (E39417)
  • View previous exports and/or reports did not work (E39466)

View Patient Record – runtime error that a set does not exist (E39979)

User Defined Fields

  • Create Patient Fields – Maintenance menu option did not filter out deleted fields (E39326)
  • Calculated Field with Total Current Amount as a building block is not properly updated after modifying a single Aliquot. (E39583)
  • Numeric dropdown field allowed import of non-numeric values (E39044)
  • Inactivating a field writes a Deletion to the Audit Trail and clears the data when it should not (E39431)
  • On super-user Admin can create new fields (E39911)

User Defined Reports – Duplicating a report does not replicate Group assignment (E39486)

Users – Super-user Admin’s permissions are not all enabled out of the box and cannot be edited (E38994)

  • Sub-Aliquot additions do not record the Parent Aliquot ID and other lineage information properly. (E39320)
  • User Defined Field configuration saves a record despite errors in data entry that require an abort. (E39084)


  • Manuals do not load in Macintosh Client connected to Windows Server. (E39126)
  • Splash screen missing in Macintosh Ascent Edition. (E39068)

User Defined Fields

  • User able to edit protected User Defined Fields when accessed using <Previous> or <Next> buttons. (E39004)


  • Aliquot data not clearing after blanking out individual field data and saving. (E39080)


  • Prevent certain System fields (including creation metadata, shipment and check-in/out status) and auto-incrementing fields from being selected for import. (E38873, E39106)

Web Services

  • Web Server unable to run on Macintosh Yosemite (E39192)
  • Splash screen is missing on the Web Server. (E39119)
  • Icons are not displaying in return of search results. (E39031)
  • The Web Server turns off after saving System Properties changes. (E39015)
  • A runtime error may occur when using previous settings to fill fields in a new Web Server. (E39210)

Billing Module

  • Invoice grand total line cut off (E39161)

  • Admin User permissions locked in negative condition after upgrade. (E39022)
  • Date formatting corrections: International and Mac Client date formats generating errors.
  • Base and Ascent editions erroneously showing Summit Patient Maintenance Menu options. (E38953)
  • Aliquots list view incorrectly altered when adding Transactions from the Samples Entry form. (E38951)

  • Date formatting correction for Australian date format. (E38881)

Add Samples

  • Buttons hidden when adding a new Sample (E38760)
  • Ascent and Summit edition buttons appearing in Base edition (E38786, E38787, E38789)

Audit Trail Reasons

  • Extraneous changes listed in Audit Trail Reasons form (E38701)

Bar Code Label Editor

  • Present dropdown list of User Defined Fields instead of entering a value (M14425)
  • Added “half ml” label for 3” core, larger printers (M37865)

Import – Base edition

  • Uniqueness check on imported samples failing erroneously (E38776)

Patient Management

  • Remove Tests and Results tabs if the Testing Module is not active (M38415)

User Defined Fields

  • Add columns to list view to indicate indexed fields and Audit Trail Reasons (M36342)

Freezerworks 2015 is an upgrade to and replacement for all previous versions of Freezerworks Basic and Freezerworks Unlimited. Going forward, there will be only one product with three Editions: Base, Ascent, and Summit. Each Edition builds on the previous one. Ascent includes all features in Base and Summit includes all features in Ascent.

This release includes many modifications documented in the online Help. Below are the highlights:

Base Edition Modifications

Audit Trail

  • Allow reasons for changes to data to be captured and written to Audit Trail


  • Aliquots can be sub-aliquotted, maintaining the lineage
  • User Defined Fields can be added at the Aliquot level

User Defined Fields

  • Number of User Defined Fields has been increased to 30
  • Default values can be defined

Batch Update

  • Update Samples, Aliquots, Attachments links given enhanced functionality

QC Check

  • Graphical option to scan Aliquots and confirm location in Freezer

Ascent and Summit Edition Modifications


  • RESTful JSON API has been incorporated into the optional Web Services module (formerly SOAP module)

Modifications to all Editions

Audit Trail

  • All data changes tracked automatically
  • Combine all search options to one
  • Provide granularity for requiring Reasons to be provided for changes

Label Printing

  • Labels can be printed to any printer for which an OS driver exists
  • Print preview is available
  • Label printing uses the OS printer drivers which control print jobs

Sample Type

  • No longer its own menu option: incorporated into User Defined Fields as a System Field

User Defined Fields

  • Access to all System Fields
  • Limited configuration for most System Fields
  • Enhanced user interface


  • Create format automatically when opening an import file

Summit Edition

The Summit Edition includes 2 features not in Base or Ascent: Patient Management Module and Group Level Field Assignment.

Error Corrections

This update includes 61 corrections to errors reported by customers. For specific information regarding these, please contact



  • Allow Batch Update of Attachment path names (M9371)

Label Printing

  • Ability to print labels to the Citizen printer using Datamax emulation (M32536)


  • Display the non-billable flag in searches and display on the test results list view (M32207)



  • Changing the “Display As” for Freezer Subdivision doesn’t auto-update the current aliquots positions (E32373)

Samples and Aliquot

  • Calculated Fields using Aliquot Creation Date don’t populate at time of creation (E32532)
  • Current Amount value updating incorrectly after adding aliquots under certain limited conditions (E32436)
  • Sub-aliquots created using Batch Update without Freezer Position are hidden from users if Owner Security is turned on (E32286/E32753)


  • Unable to narrow Simple Search list results more than once (E32277, E32284)
  • Simple Search Value drop down list out of alphabetical order (E32177)
  • View Inventory-Search by Location displays an incorrect, inoperable Samples Entry Form menu bar (E32305)


  • Cannot import numeric values with decimals and ending in zero (E15971, E32165)
  • Import exhibits slow performance after upgrade to FUL 6.0 (E32560)

Checkout and Check In

  • Some aliquots checked out remain locked even after checking in (E32034)
  • Check In from the Samples entry screen does not save the changes (E31922/E32750)

Testing Module

  • Incorrect or missing Units when importing multiple test results (E32480)
  • Result Entered flag still set as TRUE after deleting results (E32440)
  • Print Reports on Tests Ordered displays wrong Aliquot IDs (E32556)


  • Remove check on Shared Printer when saving a user (E32155/E32773)


  • Launching Freezerworks is very slow and does not provide message to user about what is being done.  (E32275)


  • ODBC Connection
  • SQL Authentication failing connection test (E32169)


Add Samples

  • Calculated fields are not calculating when adding a new sample from the List View using the <Add New> button (E31818)
  • If the Owner Name field is added to the entry form, the dropdown list does not automatically set to the current user.  If not set manually, the Sample and Aliquots do not contain a value for “Owned By”. This prevents them from being displayed if the User Security is turned on. (E31847)

Advanced Search

  • Maximum number of Aliquots to return is ignored if the search is invoked directly from the Samples List View, resulting in more Aliquots than desired. (E31819)

Assigning Aliquots

  • Parent Aliquot ID is not being validated properly.  Users are able to enter invalid numbers and the information is not being added to the audit trail. (E31924)

List View

  • After using the Batch Update option inside a Samples Entry form and returning to the List View, the related Samples columns on the Aliquots List View are wrong.  The data is not corrupted, only the display is invalid. (E31857)

Importing Test Results

  • The High and Low Flags are not always set correctly. (E31894)
  • When adding Results to existing Tests, the Reflex Tests are not always created. (E31890)

Print Results Report

  • The Report Date is not automatically set if the results are entered prior to completing the tests (workflow error). E31901


Label Printing

  • Add combo labels to the cab EOS1 printer


  • Add a non-billable flag to Test Results

Testing Module

  • Add Flagging Set and Testing Complete fields to Import field lis
  • Add Results page to the View Tests Ordered option to easily see a list of associated Results

List Views

  • Add ability to lock columns when scrolling to the right

Import and Export Formats and User Permissions

  • Separate permissions for using pre-defined formats from updating formats


  • Add option to use LDAP/Active Directory for user authentication at login

QC Check Freezer

  • Redesign the user interface to make it more streamlined and easier to use
  • Add a box map to the scan to allow a quick visual cue to what was/was not found
  • Allow QC of selected positions in the box (e.g., a “bingo” check)
  • Import IDs to check from a file generated by a flat-bed scanner
  • Redesign the report to include what was scanned, what was found, and what was not found


Adding/Editing Samples and Aliquots

  • <Change Form> allows saving Samples without required fields filled in
  • Required fields inherited from parent aliquot are not seen as filled in
  • Placing the Freezer Graphic on page 2 of Aliquots form does not work properly
  • Notes and Attachment pages don’t grow and shrink with the form as expected
  • Locked records remain locked until the menu option is reselected
  • Initial Amount, Current Amount, and Number of Thaws not available for modification from <Modify List>

List Views

  • Including certain system fields (e.g., Owner Name) on the list view causes the Search in List option to fail
  • Freezer Section locked to other users if displayed on the list view
  • Initial Amount, Current Amount, and Number of Thaws not available for modification

User Defined Fields

  • Simultaneous change to both Significant Digits and Expression in a Calculated Field does not “take”


  • Testing Module only:  Printing Results Report with multiple parameters only shows one parameter name in results. (E31331)


Configure Samples Entry Forms

  • Easy-to-use palette that contains both fields and design tools.
  • Configurable Aliquots entry pages
  • Number of fields allowed on entry forms limited only by space availability
  • Easier selection of system fields (e.g., Number of Aliquots, Owner Name, etc.)
  • Ability to add “Display Only” fields to forms.
  • New design elements: shapes, free text, pictures, colors, object manipulation.
  • Configurable command buttons
  • Removable system pages (Audit Trail, Checkout History, etc.) to prevent user access to sensitive or non-relevant data.
  • Use existing pages as templates for new entry forms.