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Why Freezerworks?

Freezerworks is uniquely designed for the laboratory, biobank, or research organization that needs:

Tracking of sample and aliquot lineage for effective traceability of cell lines, tissues, slides, cell therapy and blood products, and more 
Complete, configurable annotation of Patients, Samples & Aliquot records 
Workflow management for checking out/checking in, shipping, pulling and testing of samples and aliquots 
Cost recovery with a Billing module for both testing and repository services 
Configurable security to prevent unauthorized access to sample data, freezers, and patient data 
Completeness: A reliable and affordable LIMS for managing tests and results for clinical and research use 
Simple to complex searches on any and all fields 
Empowerment: Flexibility to add and remove fields, adjust entry and viewing screens, label formats, without the need of a programmer or custom work order 
User definable fields that provide easy data entry while ensuring data integrity 
Dynamic relationships and interactions between data fields: calculations, dependencies, color highlighting, and smart pick lists 
Enterprise-wide solutions: Gives multiple groups ownership of freezers, data fields, entry and view screens, reports, and more 
Powerful and flexible import features for adding and modifying data 
Complete and secure audit trail to meet regulatory requirements 



What’s New?

Integration/link tool with SQL Views right on your Samples Entry Screens
SQL Views are easy to set up and display information from other databases on samples and patients using key field links. This read only feature is Available in Ascent and Summit editions.
Graphical Display of Count Reports
Display your Freezerworks data visually with our count report dashboard. Create bar, chart, scatter graphs of totals and percentages based on any system or user-defined field. Available in all editions.
Fields Assigned to Groups
Offers easier management and greater security in the use of group specific fields.
Web Client
Provides secure browser based access to your Freezerworks data, making local or worldwide sharing of sample data easier than ever.

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