I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 and the bar code printer is having problems.

Direct printing (printing without use of a printer driver) from Freezerworks to the Zebra TLP 2844, 2742 does not work in the Windows 7 operating system. You will need to convert to using a shared printer driver. See your Users manual section on Shared Label Printing for directions on how to set up Freezerworks to use the Generic Windows Text/Printer Driver.

For Brady 1344 users, the shared printer option is not available, so this discontinued printer will not be useable with Freezerworks in the Windows 7 environment.

The print on my label is light or incomplete.

If the print on your labels is

  • Light
  • Partially missing
  • Broken bars or lines in a barcode

then it might be time to clean the print head.

On a Zebra TLP2844, allow the print head to cool for approximately one minute, then use 90% isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the print elements from end to end (the print elements are located in the dark line on the print head). NOTE: You do not have to turn off the printer to do this.

How do I print a small set of labels?

How do I print labels for only a selection of samples and not the whole lot?

First, do a search to select only those samples that you want (Search by Sample ID, or Date, or UDF, etc.). Then, print labels from the View Samples screen for all of the displayed samples. As an alternative you can print labels one sample at a time from the input screen for each sample.

Zebra Printer Status Light Indicators.

A solid green light indicates the printer is in an error free state and is ready to print. The light should remain green throughout the printing process.

A solid red light will occur if:

    • the printer is out of labels
    • the printer is out of ribbon
    • the printhead is open, not latched down all the way. Press down on the top cover of the printer to see if the error light clears and goes to green.
      the ribbon spool is slipping on the ribbon spool holder

A solid orange light will occur if the printhead is open, not latched down all the way. Press down on the top cover to see if the error light clears and goes to green.

Out of Memory error when printing labels.

I installed Freezerworks. I downloaded and installed the Windows driver for the Zebra/Brady printer. Now when I try to print bar code labels, I get an Out of Memory error and the program shuts down.

We suggest you remove the printer drivers and make sure the COM port is not assigned to anything else. Freezerworks does not use the Zebra or Brady manufacturer printer drivers.

After removing the printer driver, disable and enable the COM port the driver was installed to in order to clear and reset it (Start-Control Panel-System-Hardware-Device Manager-Communications Port. Highlight the Com Port being used and then select Action: Disable and then Action: Enable).

My barcode label won’t scan.

Check to make sure the barcode fits completely inside the label. If it does not, modify the label format and try using the Compressed or 2D bar code format.

Check that the ink is not printed lightly. If it is, it might be necessary to clean the print head or install a new ribbon.