What can I do to prepare for my upgrade?

Acquire the password for your ADMIN account. The ADMIN account is not the same as any user with System Administration privileges; it must be the ADMIN account. If you do not know your ADMIN password and are unable to retrieve it, contact support.

If you are in a version prior to Freezerworks 2019, review the Freezerworks 2019 Upgrade Pt. 1 video for all the pre-upgrade steps to complete before your upgrade.

Check our System Requirements to ensure your computer’s OS is compatible with the most current version of Freezerworks.

How do I upgrade?

Contact support for assistance in upgrading to the most current version of Freezerworks.

Typically, we will arrange a meeting with a Freezerworks user and someone from IT. The upgrade is performed by your IT staff through a guided virtual meeting with one of our support representatives.

Upgrade times may vary from minutes to hours, though most upgrades can be finished within an hour session.

What should I know about upgrading Freezerworks?

Upgrading to the newest version of Freezerworks is seamless and requires no re-creation of data, user defined fields, entry forms, freezers, or list views. Everything you have already created will be preserved, and you will have the added functionality of the newest version of Freezerworks.

Upgrades to the newest version are included free of charge with your Customer Care Program.

Customers in versions older than Freezerworks 2015 may require development assistance to upgrade to the most current version. This assistance is not included in your Customer Care Program but is not always necessary. Please contact your account executive if you are in a version older than Freezerworks 2015 to see if your upgrade may need a developer.

If you work in a validated environment, you may consider pairing our IQ/OQ Validation Package with your upgrade.

My labels print out smudged or faded

Navigate to your label printer’s ‘Printing preferences’ in Windows. First, lower your label printer’s print speed. If the printer prints too quickly, the resin may not have enough time to heat up and transfer. Next, increase your darkness by 5 points and click ‘Apply’ before attempting to print once more.

Most customers have success with a print speed of 4” per second and darkness of 25.

My labels are coming out blank

If you print and blank labels begin coming out and do not stop, this is usually due to a gapping issue. Your printer is not sure where one label ends and another begins. Ensure the printer’s gap sensor is positioned under your labels correctly, then consult your printer manual for information on a re-calibration.

If you print and a single blank label comes out, make sure the ribbon inside your printer is facing the right way. Open the printer head and tap a piece of tape or the sticky side of a label to the ribbon. If black resin pulls away, your ribbon is facing the correct way. Make sure the matte side is facing you, and the shiny side is facing the back of the printer.

If you print and ten or more blank labels come out, Windows may be borrowing the ‘paper’ size from another printer or PDF writer. Make sure your default printer in Windows is set to be your label printer and that ‘Let Windows manage my default printer’ is off.

Can my scanner click ‘Enter’ for me?

Most scanners can add a ‘prefix’ or ‘suffix,’ which is additional text or actions performed after each scan. These settings are easy to set up, typically by scanning a specific barcode that programs the scanner for you. We recommend an ‘enter’ suffix if you’re scanning multiple vials at once in Freezerworks.

Consult with your scanner manufacturer’s website for help with prefix and suffix settings.

My scanner is not reading my barcodes

Scanners are a standard peripheral and work similarly to computer keyboards. If you can type and scan into a text file, you can type and scan into Freezerworks.

Before troubleshooting with Freezerworks, try using the scanner on any barcode (tissue box, box of gloves, etc.) directly into a text file. If the barcode is entered into the text file, the scanner should work with any barcode in Freezerworks.

If the scanner does not write the barcode into the text file, try restarting your computer, then consult the quick-start guide shipped with the scanner.

If the scanner can scan other barcodes but cannot scan your vial barcode, the barcode configuration may be sized incorrectly. Try reconfiguring the barcode size on your label formats to be larger or smaller and test. It is also possible that your labels are too light or smudged. If that is the case, check out the FAQ, ‘My labels are printing smudged or faded.’

I just want to pull up one vial record; where can I do that?

The Quick Search bar at the top of the Homepage is a great option for single-record searching. The default field for searching is Unique Aliquot ID, but this can be customized to search on any field in your User Preferences.

If you cannot update your Quick Search, Search by Barcode is also a good option for finding one record at a time.

Where can I utilize barcode scanning in Freezerworks?

Scanners can be used anywhere a computer keyboard can be used in Freezerworks. Popular uses of scanners include Search by Barcode, Add Samples/Add Aliquots, Homepage Quick Search, List View searching, and QC Check Freezer.

I want to start barcoding my inventory; where do I start?

Freezerworks can print labels for your aliquots once the records have been created in Freezerworks. Any data you track in Freezerworks, such as a unique identifier, an aliquot type, or a storage date, can be printed on a label in either a human-readable or barcode format.

You’ll need a printer, a scanner, labels, and ribbon to get started. Please check with support before buying any barcoding supplies from a third party; some labels do not have matching formats in Freezerworks and would require development assistance at an additional cost. We offer free Sample Label Kits so you can test labels out before purchasing.

If you don’t already have a unique identifier for your aliquots, consider using Globally Unique Aliquot ID for barcoding, as it is tied to your serial number and guaranteed unique across all Freezerworks instances.

Please consult the User’s Manual, watch our Labels video series, or contact our support staff for more information.