Backing Up Freezerworks

Regular backups of your data are very important to prevent data loss due to computer malfunction and error. The default Freezerworks data file is named Freezerworks.4DD (Windows) or (Macintosh). The default Freezerworks Unlimited data file is named FreezerworksUL*.4DD (Windows) or FreezerworksUL*.data (Macintosh). Datafiles can be renamed, but will always have the .4dd extension.

There may be data segment files attached to your data file as well.* Data segments have a “.4DS” extension (e.g., Freezerworks.4ds, FreezerworksUL4.4ds). Include these in your backup as well. For a standalone installation, the data file will be located in the folder in which you installed the Freezerworks program. For a client/server installation, the data file will be located on the server in a subfolder of the folder in which you installed the Freezerworks Server program.

If you need to restore the entire program:

  1. Contact Dataworks to make certain you have the current release version. You cannot run a datafile on an older version than the one that last accessed it. This will corrupt the data file.
  2. Restore the backup data file to the folder where Freezerworks resides.

Automated Backup program available for Client/Server:

Client/Server users have access to an automated backup program, which can be set to create regularly scheduled backups, as well as keep a log file to monitor all changes made to the data file between backups. Consult your Freezerworks System Administrator’s Guide for help in setting up automated backups.

* Freezerworks Unlimited versions 5 and above do not use data segments. Both Windows and Macintosh data files are named FreezerworksUL5.4dd.