Backing Up Freezerworks

Regular backups of your data are very important to prevent data loss due to computer malfunction and error.

Manual backups are possible by acquiring a copy of your 4D Data File and moving that copy to a secure location. The Freezerworks 4D Data File will always have an extension of .4DD.

For a standalone installation, the data file will be located in a subfolder called Database. For a client/server installation, the data file will be located on the server in a subfolder called Server Database.

Client/Server users have access to an automated backup program, which can be set to create regularly scheduled backups, as well as keep a log file to monitor all changes made to the data file between backups. Please ensure your automatic backup is being written to the local drive and that the backup file is being copied to an external location.

Consult your Freezerworks System Administrator’s Guide for help in setting up automated backups.

Backups can run automatically at first startup for standalone copies but will only run when the program is launched.

If you need to restore a backup, please contact our support staff for instructions and assistance.