Error 10001. The connection to the database has been disrupted.

This indicates a network connection problem. Verify that Freezerworks Server is running and connected to the correct Freezerworks database. If Freezerworks Server is running, check the network cable and connections on the client workstation.
Check with the network administrator to see if any changes have been made to the network that can disrupt access to the server. Sometimes, when new firewall software is installed, permissions may not be set properly to allow access to the server by the client in question.
Occasionally resource files get corrupted. Locate files “Freezerworks.res”, and “Freezerworks.rex” or “FreezerworksUL.res” and “FreezerworksUL.rex” on the client’s system. They are stored in the Windows system folder (e.g., Winnt4DFreezerworks or Winnt4DFreezerworksUL). Delete all RES and REX files. Then try connecting to Freezerworks again.