How Can I Improve Search Speed?

(Freezerworks Unlimited version 5.0 and later)

You have the ability to index User Defined Fields (UDF). It is a good idea to index any of your UDF’s that you search on regularly. To index a UDF:

Select System Admin > User Defined Fields. Double click on a field that you search by regularly.
Notice the area for Indexing. There are two options when indexing a UDF: Many Duplicate Values and Many Distinct Values. This depends on the kind of field that you are indexing.

-Many distinct values – check here if the field tends to be unique to the sample or aliquot record (e.g., Patient Identifier’s, Sample IDs, Aliquot IDs, etc.).*

-Many duplicate values- check here if the data in this field tends to be shared among many records (e.g., specimen types, aliquot types, site, etc.).

Depending on how many records you have in Freezerworks, when you save the UDF, it may take a few moments to index.

*Note that fields marked as Unique will have the Index Field checked ON automatically, set to “Many distinct values.”