How do I re-gap a Zebra TLP 2844 printer gap sensor?

Whenever you change a label size, you will need to re-gap, or re-set the printer gap sensor so that it recognizes where the label begins and ends.

After you load the new label stock and close the printer, then follow these directions:

  1. Turn power off (toggle switch at the back of the printer)
  2. Hold (and keep holding) the large label feed button on top of the printer
  3. Turn the power back on (still keep holding the large button on top)
  4. Wait for three blinks of the red light (on the ring of the large top button)
  5. Release the big top button and your 2844 will now re-gap. You will see the labels move through printer as it searches for the proper length between labels. When it is finished, the printer will print out some printer information. Finally, if the re-gap is successful, the light around the feed button will change from red to green. Press the feed button to see if the printer successfully feeds a label.