I am getting a Label Printer Not Responding error message. What should I do?

Things to check:

  • Make sure the printer is on. Is the green light lit?
  • Ensure that you have selected the correct COM port. Turn the printer off and on and try again.
  • Turn off the computer and the printer. Turn the printer back on. Then, turn the computer back on (in that order).
  • Determine if another application is addressing the port. For example, a printer application assigned to the same COM port as the label printer can cause interference. This commonly occurs when the Eltron/Zebra printer driver is installed and assigned to the COM port. This conflict can prevent Freezerworks from printing bar code labels. Another application that frequently causes problems is PowerChute. If this application is assigned to the serial port, it will cause this error.
  • If you have created a bar code format using the Bar Code Label Editor, sometimes an overly lengthy field will cause this problem. For example, you may have a field that has a maximum length of 20 characters, but the font size selected is too large to fit a 20-character entry onto the label. Try a smaller font size for fields that may be problematic in this way. (Freezerworks 5.3 and Freezerworks Unlimited 2 have corrected this problem.)
  • If you are using a Mac with a serial-to-USB adapter, certain adapters have caused this error to occur at every printing job. Normally, turning the printer off and on will correct the problem. Dataworks recommends the Keyspan USA-19QW adapter as the most reliable serial-to-USB adapter for Freezerworks and serial printer connectivity. When using a serial-to-USB adapter, the adapter will assign a COM port number arbitrarily to the adapter – usually COM 3 or COM 4.