I am not able to get a connection on the client. What should I do?

Ensure that TCP/IP is installed on both the client and server machines. Versions of Freezerworks later than 5.4x and 2.x in FUL do not support IPX/SPX.
Verify that Freezerworks Server is installed and loaded only once on the server.
Generally, client/server connection problems do not occur when the systems are on the same subnet. However, to be certain, the server’s IP address may be added directly to the Connection to 4D Server settings on the client. Select the Custom tab and enter a name and the server’s TCP/IP address, and then click OK. Connect to the server by double clicking the new server name, or highlighting it and clicking OK.
Ping the server by typing the command “ping IP address” at the DOS command prompt, where “IP address” is the server’s IP address. If the ping is not successful, contact your IT support staff for assistance. If you are using Mac OS, and you are communicating with your server via AppleTalk, check whether both machines can see any network devices (file servers and printers). If you can see these devices from both the client and the server, try deleting the 4D folder inside your SystemPreferences folder on the client.
If the client and the server are not on the same subnet, then the server must have a static IP address. This address must be entered directly on the client workstations by following the directions above. If entering the server’s IP address does not solve the problem, it also might be necessary to enter Freezerworks Server’s port number. The port number is 19813. Add the port number by placing a comma and the port number, without any spaces, after the IP address (e.g., NN.NNN.NNN.NNN,19813).

Occasionally, resource files get corrupted. Locate the files “Freezerworks*.res”, and “Freezerworks*.rex” on the client’s system. On Windows clients, they are stored in the Windows system folder (e.g., Winnt4DFreezerworksUL2). On Macintosh clients, they are stored in the System folder (e.g, SystemPreferences4DFreezerworks*). Delete all RES and REX files, and then try connecting to Freezerworks again. For more information, see Error -10001. The connection to the database has been disrupted