I want to start barcoding my inventory; where do I start?

Freezerworks can print labels for your aliquots once the records have been created in Freezerworks. Any data you track in Freezerworks, such as a unique identifier, an aliquot type, or a storage date, can be printed on a label in either a human-readable or barcode format.

You’ll need a printer, a scanner, labels, and ribbon to get started. Please check with support before buying any barcoding supplies from a third party; some labels do not have matching formats in Freezerworks and would require development assistance at an additional cost. We offer free Sample Label Kits so you can test labels out before purchasing.

If you don’t already have a unique identifier for your aliquots, consider using Globally Unique Aliquot ID for barcoding, as it is tied to your serial number and guaranteed unique across all Freezerworks instances.

Please consult the User’s Manual, watch our Labels video series, or contact our support staff for more information.