My labels are coming out blank

If you print and blank labels begin coming out and do not stop, this is usually due to a gapping issue. Your printer is not sure where one label ends and another begins. Ensure the printer’s gap sensor is positioned under your labels correctly, then consult your printer manual for information on a re-calibration.

If you print and a single blank label comes out, make sure the ribbon inside your printer is facing the right way. Open the printer head and tap a piece of tape or the sticky side of a label to the ribbon. If black resin pulls away, your ribbon is facing the correct way. Make sure the matte side is facing you, and the shiny side is facing the back of the printer.

If you print and ten or more blank labels come out, Windows may be borrowing the ‘paper’ size from another printer or PDF writer. Make sure your default printer in Windows is set to be your label printer and that ‘Let Windows manage my default printer’ is off.