My scanner is not reading my barcodes

Scanners are a standard peripheral and work similarly to computer keyboards. If you can type and scan into a text file, you can type and scan into Freezerworks.

Before troubleshooting with Freezerworks, try using the scanner on any barcode (tissue box, box of gloves, etc.) directly into a text file. If the barcode is entered into the text file, the scanner should work with any barcode in Freezerworks.

If the scanner does not write the barcode into the text file, try restarting your computer, then consult the quick-start guide shipped with the scanner.

If the scanner can scan other barcodes but cannot scan your vial barcode, the barcode configuration may be sized incorrectly. Try reconfiguring the barcode size on your label formats to be larger or smaller and test. It is also possible that your labels are too light or smudged. If that is the case, check out the FAQ, ‘My labels are printing smudged or faded.’