What delimiter settings should I use when importing data?

The following are the most common delimiter settings. You may need to adjust the settings based on the source of your data file.

Mac OS: Field delimiter=Tab, Record delimiter=Return.

Windows OS: Field delimiter=Comma (except when there are commas in the data, then use Tab), Record delimiter=ReturnNew Line.

For best importing results, save the file in the operating system running Freezerworks. For example, if you create an import file using Excel in Macintosh, and want to import it into Freezerworks running in Windows, open and save it in your copy of Excel in Windows. Save it as a text file (with a CSV or TXT extension).

To save Excel spreadsheets as Tab delimited while using Mac OS select “Windows Formatted Text (.txt)” not “Tab Delimited Text (.txt)”. The import may not work properly if the file is saved as “Tab Delimited Text (.txt)”.