What field type should I choose?

Before choosing a field type, ensure you have selected the correct table per the instructions under the FAQ “Should I choose Patients, Samples, or Aliquots for my fields?”

Text fields are best when typing in data that vary from record to record, such as a Patient’s MRN, a Patient’s Name, or a Sample’s Collection ID.

Choice List fields are best when choosing data from a pre-determined list, like a Sample Type, Aliquot Type, Study, Collection Site, etc. Most choice lists are going to be Single-Select. Multi-Select is for fields such as Diagnosis or Abnormalities; a patient may be diagnosed with Cancer AND Diabetes, so a single-select dropdown would not work.

Numeric fields are for tracking numeric values such as Current Amount or Number of Thaws. These values open up mathematic automation options, such as ‘Remove 0.5 from the Current Amount of these ten vials.’

Time fields are for tracking times, and by default, track hour, minute, and second. You can change the time format from HH:MM:SS to HH:MM or HH:MM AM/PM in your System Properties.

More complex fields such as Summary Data, Calculated Fields, and Auto-Incrementing Fields are available for Ascent, Summit, and Pinnacle customers. Please contact support for more information on the use of these field types.