Did You Know? #1 Searching



Learn how you can utilize Advanced Search and Search by Text File to find what you need in Freezerworks 2017.

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Advanced Search – 00:00

Hi there, did you know that searching has received a massive overhaul in Freezerworks 2017?  Advanced Search for instance, now operates like most advanced search tools you may already be used to, where you simply build the search expression by adding rows.  

Date Fields – 00:30

Did you also know though, that Date fields now have way more comparators than other fields; comparators that solely pertain to date info such as is xx days ago, is xx days from now, is within the last, etc.  Combine these new comparators with a Scheduled Search and you can create a weekly notification that tells you all the samples that will expire in the next seven days.  You can even have the system email you anytime the search is run.

Searching by Text File – 01:00

Finally, did you know that you can search your database using an external CSV file, similar to our import process?  Say you receive a spreadsheet with IDs, or possibly more information, and you just want to find the matching records in Freezerworks.  For this, use Search by Text File; select the field you'll search, for the records you want returned, and then open your file.  There are the aliquots that were in my spreadsheet.  The Multiple Search Fields tab is for files that include more than just one set of IDs, you'll need a header record in these files.

Conclusion – 01:36

Well, that's our first edition of Did You Know.  Thank you for watching and see you next time.