Did You Know? #3 List View Filter Box



Learn about the tools available to you when searching for information on a List View, such as locking columns for better visibility and the filter and sort functions for efficient searching.

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Sorting and Filtering – 00:00

Hi there Freezerworks users.  Did you know about all the sorting and filtering tools available when looking at your Freezerworks inventory?  Not only can you left-click column headers to quickly Add To, Replace, and Reverse sorts, you can also right-click them to open the list view filter box.  The Add To, Reverse, and Replace sort tools are still included here, but this is how you can remove sorts as well.  

Filter Field Data – 00:40

You can also search the column’s data, and filter out specific values by checking them off.  For instance, let's say I just want to see plasma samples; I'll check off all the non-plasma values, click OK, and the list view filters down to just plasma samples.  I can always get my original selection back to by using the search history tools.

Lock Column – 01:07

There's one more tool in the list view filter box - Lock Column.  Do you find yourself constantly scrolling left or right to view data while also keeping an eye on the identifier fields, which are usually among the first two columns?  Well, Lock Column will fix this problem.  By locking a column you can scroll to the right and view data while maintaining focus on your key fields.

Conclusion – 01:34

And that does it for today's edition of Did You Know.  In our next video, I'll give you some more tips on the inventory list view.  Thank you for watching, and see you next time.