Download and Install Freezerworks Basic

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Use this video guide to help you download, install, and configure Freezerworks Basic.


Freezerworks Basic Introduction – 00:00

Welcome to the Quick Start tutorial on Freezerworks Basic.  We will show you how you can download, install, configure and use Freezerworks Basic within 30 minutes.  This tutorial is designed for the installation of both the full and demo versions.  

Download, Install, & Log in – 00:20

You will receive an email similar to this, with a link to download Freezerworks Basic.  Click the link.  Click Download.  Again, click to download.  We recommend you select Save File.  Then press OK.  Follow the progress of the Freezerworks download.  When the download is complete, click and select it.  Then highlight the zipped file, and select “Extract all files”.  Press Next.  The next step is to choose a location for the extracted setup file.  I'm going to use the directory the Extraction Wizard is defaulted to.  Press Next.  Press Finish when extraction is complete.  Select the setup file to complete the installation.  Press Run if you get the security warning.  Installshield Wizard will take you through the installation.  Press Next.  Accept the terms to continue, and continue pressing Next.  Default location is the C: Drive.  And press Install.  As stated, this may take several minutes.  When Installshield Wizard is completed, press Finish.  Exit the Readme file of release notes and locate the Freezerworks icon to run the program.  Close all the windows and go to the desktop.  Locate the Freezerworks icon and select it, and welcome to Freezerworks Basic.  For demo purposes, leave the serial number blank.  If you purchase Basic, then enter the serial number here.  Press OK If you enter a serial number or press cancel to enter the demo mode.  To log in, the username is Admin, and the password is left blank.  Press OK, and you are in.