Security: Freezer Level Security Freezerworks 2015



Learn how to protect your aliquots stored in the same freezer with Freezer Level Security in Freezerworks 2015. This video guide will describe Freezer Level Security, when to use it, and how to configure it.

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Introduction – 00:00

The third level of security is Freezer Level security, which is included to protect individual aliquots stored in the same freezers, rather than entire samples.

Turning on Freezer Level Security – 00:10

First, we need to turn this on, so let's go to System Admin – System Properties and click the Security page button.  We check on Enable Freezer Level Security, and if desired, we can select a default access level that every new freezer will be automatically given.  Let's pick Modify.  

Configuring Freezer Security – 00:38

Now, let's save and go to System Admin – Configure Freezers.  This is our list of physical freezers, which can have any number of freezer sections inside them.  Both physical freezers and freezer sections can have security settings, all based upon group affiliation.  Let's open one; the Security page controls the physical freezer’s access levels.  Just like adding access levels to users in the last video, we select a Default Access level for the physical freezer and then add Individual Access levels for different groups. With this current setting, the Default Access level for this physical freezer is View Only, but the group, Summit, has Modify and Delete access.  Now the physical freezer security settings will apply to every new freezer section you add, but any current sections, like these two, will not be affected.  You can always open your freezer sections and give them separate security settings if necessary, just go to the Security page like before, choose a Default Access Level for everyday users, and then we set Individual Access levels for different groups.  With this setup, the physical freezer has a Default Access Level of View Only, while Summit Users have Modify and Delete access, but with this freezer section the Default Access Level is Modify and Delete, and Summit Users are given View Only access instead.  Make sure to save all your work.

Conclusion – 02:30

That will do it for today.  Thank you, and until next time!