Freezerworks Unlimited Demonstration

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This video is a basic overview of some of the features available to you in Freezerworks Unlimited. Learn how to configure freezers, enter samples, check out aliquots, and more.


Freezerworks Unlimited Introduction – 00:00

Freezerworks is your complete solution to sample tracking, freezer inventory, and sample management. With Freezerworks, you have the power to manage your samples and workflow quickly, easily, and accurately all while meeting your GLP and CFR part 11 requirements.  Freezerworks is written and validated according to FDA guidelines for software development offering power and configurability for freezers security and quality assurance, user and group security, search tools for locating samples, and batch tools for managing large numbers of samples and vials.  

Freezerworks Freezer Configuration – 00:53

Freezerworks works for all freezers and tanks.  Even dry storage, cabinets, and shelves.  Multiple-use freezers are not a problem with our configurable freezer section.  Configure every shelf, rack, and container as needed.  Triangular shaped boxes?  Not a problem.  An explore tree structure, combined with graphics, makes Freezerworks a joy to use.  Powerful, yet flexible security features restrict from and allow access to the right people.  Control access, even at the freezer section level.  Color and text combine to tell you exactly what is in each box.  For this freezer, vials will be color-coded and we'll have an identifier displayed.  Define your color cues, your default fields, and more.  Now, let's see how our configurations are displayed. Explore freezers will display every section as configured.  Here's our triangular box, LN2 Tank.  Here's our upright freezer.  And here's our chest freezer.  Each configured for specific uses.  

Adding Samples – 03:08

Managing freezers and samples is quick and easy with Freezerworks, whether adding new samples or performing a wide range of management tasks.  Let's add a new sample with 10 aliquots here.  A click takes us to the Samples Entry screen with ten aliquots in the scroll window below.  Enter sample data in the fields and screen you configured.  Save and close to return to the Explore Freezers view.  And our new vials are added to the box.  Or, add samples and aliquots directly from the Samples Entry screen.  All fields are configurable and can be interrelated for data entry, ease, and integrity.  For example, this Protocol was configured to be gender-specific.  An entry of 123 automatically makes gender female and a new identifier was created by combining the Patient ID with the Protocol.  Let's now add aliquots to this sample.  Select the number of vials and the freezer section.  Freezerworks will automatically locate where you stopped the last time you entered aliquots.  Or you can select a different starting point.  Enter aliquot specific data here as well.  Click on an existing aliquot in the box to see its data.  Then Save to add your aliquots to the sample record.  Every field entry and change is tracked by the Audit Trail. 

Check Out Samples – 05:50

Here's an option to Check Out vials for use and return.  Make updates and create transaction records for checked out vials.  The vial is marked as checked out and position is cleared, as directed.  Check out, like most options, can also be done in batch mode for large groups of samples and vials.  

Conclusion – 06:20

There's so much more you can do with Freezerworks.  Use the full-featured search engine to locate the samples you need by any search criteria.  Report on sample levels, pulled samples, or export to spreadsheets.  Print cryo-safe barcoding labels, choosing from a wide variety of sizes and types.  Our workflow guided Shipping module simplifies the movement of vials to researchers and testers.  And our configurable Testing module makes your Freezerworks of full-featured LIMS.  Help is always a click away, with guides and videos, or call to reach our world-class support team.