Freezerworks Unlimited 6 Quick Start Guide, part 2: Create Freezers

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This is part 2 of our 5 part video guide on Freezerworks Unlimited 6. This video explains how to configure a freezer with multiple freezer sections.

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Part 2: Configure a Freezer – 00:00

Freezer Configuration is located in the System Admin menu.  A demo freezer is already configured.

Freezer Sections – 00:20

Let's first take a look at it.  The demo freezer is called DEMO Physical.  A freezer can be divided into sections.  Demo section has a standard rack, box, row/column configuration.  

Freezer Configuration Pages – 00:40

Here is a screen for creating exceptions to your setup.  Here is a screen for configuring your box, and a screen that displays your freezer in an expandable tree.  

Creating a new Freezer – 01:05

Let's now leave the demo freezer and create a new freezer.  Select Add New, give your freezer a name, and then add any other descriptive information you would find useful regarding this freezer.  If your freezer structure is uniform throughout, you will only need to create one section for it.  Each section can have up to five subdivisions.  We’ll add Shelf to our list here.  For each subdivision indicate if it is ordered numerically or alphabetically.  Indicate how many of each subdivision is in the freezer section.  Five shelves, each with ten racks.  Each rack has eight boxes, and each box has 81 vial positions.  Let's alphabetize our rack designations.  Indicate here if the aliquot box position uses one subdivision or two.  These defaults are fine.  At Configuration Picture, check to see if Freezerworks accurately set your box graphic.  Ten Racks per shelf, eight boxes per rack, and 81 positions in each box, everything looks good so let's press Save.  Add a new freezer here, or press cancel to quit.  We now have two freezers, let's close this screen