Freezerworks Unlimited 6 Quick Start Guide, part 5: Enter Samples and Aliquots

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In our final video from the Freezerworks Unlimited 6 series, we will be putting everything we learned in previous videos together to enter samples and assign aliquots.


Part 5: Enter Samples and Aliquots – 00:00

In parts 1-4, we created a very basic Freezerworks configuration.  We created a freezer, a user, some data fields, and entry forms.  Let's now enter samples and aliquots and use our new database.

Entering Sample Data – 00:30

Go to Sample Management – Add New Samples.  Here's what our data entry screen looks like now.  Notice that this record is being assigned a Freezerworks ID.  The Protocol default is 1002, so the Clinic default is North, just like we set it up.  We also see that Sample ID, our customized lab auto-generated number, is assigned to this sample according to our specifications which include an “H” prefix.  

Assigning Aliquots to Samples – 01:18

Now, we'll assign aliquots to our sample.  The first three aliquots for this sample record will go into our DEMO freezer.  This is the Next Assignable Position, or NAP, it's where we last stopped in this freezer section.  We can move it anywhere in the freezer we want to assign vials.  Freezerworks will display the box contents when we update the display.  Freezerworks will skip over any positions already assigned.  These vials are plasma, press Save to assign these aliquots.  Now the screen will clear to add more aliquots to the sample.  We'll add two aliquots from this sample to another freezer.  Let's put the serum from the sample in this freezer.  Our last aliquot is a urine sample; we'll put it in Freezer 1.  When finished, press Cancel to return to the Samples Entry Screen.  We have our six aliquots for this sample.

Sample Entry Screen Pages – 03:40

Notes on this sample can be added here.  As vials are moved out, enter Transactions records here.  You can indicate which aliquot was taken out, when, where it went, and why.  All entries and modifications are tracked here for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.  Let's save our record and then look at the Audit Trail.  Let's delete the aliquot we created the transaction for.  Highlight the vial and press Delete.  We’ll clear the position, and keep the historical data.  The Audit Trail also records our aliquot removal.  

Check Out Aliquots – 05:20

If aliquots are taken out and brought back to the freezer we may want to Check Out the aliquot, instead. Change volumes, hold or clear positions, and create a transaction.  Check Outs can also be done in batch, a real time saver.  Checked out aliquots will have this icon displayed.  To save a record and enter a new record, select Save & New.  When finished entering samples, press Close to exit Add Samples.

Explore Freezers – 06:20

This is our list view, a list of samples we enter into the program.  We’ll add fields to it later, but first, let's view our new aliquots from a freezer perspective.  We’ll go to Explore Freezers.  Our freezers are displayed here, along with those freezers subdivisions that have aliquots in them.  Let's view the box picture. Double-click an aliquot to view the complete record; the selected aliquot will be highlighted.  Here we can change the field displayed with each vial, for example, to Aliquot Type.  Vials can be color-coded based on any User Defined Field.  Set colors for the entire system at System Properties, very similar to what we did at User Defined Fields in Part 3.  Select a color for each field value, if Aliquot Type is plasma then the vial color will be red.  Select colors for all or for some freezers.  To color code a specific freezer, go to Configure Freezers.  We can set our colors at the Freezer Level here.  Let's refresh our display screen, now plasma aliquots are now red.  Highlighted aliquots can have data displayed here based on your configured layouts you created, and you can manage all your aliquots in a box by a highlight and a right-click.  You can also add new samples and aliquots directly from this screen, highlight the empty cells you want to fill and right-click.  Here's our new sample record with the five aliquots we selected, and here they are, in the box.  Press Done to exit.

List View – 09:55

Let's improve on our list view to show more fields.  To see all sample records, go to View Inventory – View All.  Currently, we only have the system maintained Freezerworks ID displayed.  Let's add more fields here.  Go to System Admin – Configure Samples List Views.  Let's add some fields to our Default View.  Double-click in Available Fields to include them in your Selected Fields.  Now, let's create a new list view for aliquots.  Drag fields to the order you want them.  View Aliquots and Transactions as well.   The buttons on the left give you quick access to options for the samples you are viewing here.   Export a list to excel.  Double-click to view the complete record.  

Moving Samples – 11:45

We've done a quick setup in a half an hour, but there's much more to explore.  Batch features for heavy data entry and management tasks.  There's Import and Quality Control check on freezers.  Move Samples makes it easy to click and drag boxes and vials from freezer to freezer.  Highlight vials and then locations to move them, or drag and drop racks and boxes here.  Let's move Rack A to Rack B.  Rack A is now Rack B.  Save and confirm, and print a report.  The Audit Trail will track all the movement.  

Conclusion – 13:40

Be sure to check out the full featured Shipping Module.  Videos on all these and more are available in our website’s Video Library.