Search by an Excel® file



Learn how to use the Search by Text File feature in Freezerworks Unlimited to locate your samples quickly.


Introduction – 00:00

With Freezerworks, you have the tools you need to quickly perform the most time-consuming sample management tasks, whether your samples are located in freezers, tanks, refrigerators, or dry storage.  With Freezerworks, you can locate and manage all samples efficiently.

Real Life Example – 00:17

Let's look at one example.  Dr. Barton is doing pharmacologic studies and has emailed you a spreadsheet of patient samples taken at a certain time point.  He needs to run a test.  Dr. Barton needs the aliquots that match these four criteria, you need to locate these samples and mark them for shipping.  The last thing you want to do is conduct a sample by sample search, gosh, this could take hours.  Instead, let's use Freezerworks to locate these vials and mark them for shipping to Dr. Barton.  What could take hours, will instead take a minute using Freezerworks.  

Select by ASCII File – 00:55

In this case, we want the Select by ASCII file option.  We set our search for aliquots and then select the fields in Dr. Barton's criteria.  Here they are, Patient ID, Visit, Time Point, and Aliquot Type.  Now open Dr. Barton's file and here we are.  In a flash, all aliquots are present and accounted for in our Freezerworks list view.  Double-click any aliquot record to see the complete sample record for each patient visit.  What could be easier?  

Mark for Shipping – 1:42

Now, let's mark these aliquots for shipping to Dr. Barton.  We go to the Shipping file and select Copy. Here, we can give the file a name, for example, Dr. Barton with the date, and we're done in a minute with hours saved.  

Conclusion – 1:58

Freezerworks, it's your program!