Testing Pt. 4



The final video in our Testing series explains how to enter test results. Learn about the Enter Results overlay screen, how to select the correct Flagging Set, how to view test results, and more.


Introduction – 00:00

Hi there, welcome to the final part of our look at the updated Testing Module in Freezerworks 2017.  Today we are going to enter results for the tests we ordered in the last video, and then take a peek at what those results look like after the fact.  

Enter Results – 00:27

To begin, locate the tests you want to enter results for and then highlight them.  Once the desired tests are all highlighted click Enter Results on the left.  This will open the new Enter Results overlay.  Though very similar to its old format, remember that now you will be entering both quantitative and qualitative metrics at the same time.  Before entering any results for a test, be sure you select the Flagging Set that will be used for quantitative metrics.  We’ll start with Adults for this test.  Click into the Result column cells to enter quantitative results, and use the Qual Result column’s cells to enter qualitative results.  Notice when I enter results that trigger Reflex Tests, those tests appear in the Reflex Test column.  Also, notice that the flagging set Range appears in the quantitative metric’s row.  If I enter a number that triggers a flag, that will immediately appear in the Flag column, according to the selected Flagging Set’s designed ranges. Feel free to change the Test Date and Tech Fields if you need to, but be aware that these apply to all the tests in the list box, and finally enter any notes about the tests in the provided text box. If you click Add Quick Note, a list of predetermined notes appears.  Select the one you want, and click Add Note.  This immediately enters the Quick Note’s text into the Notes box.  Quick Notes are configured in System Properties.

When you finish entering results for the current test, highlight another one in the list on the left.  This immediately sets the Results Status for the previously selected test to Entered (unless Double Data Entry is required in your system, in which case it will get set to Pending), and now a blank Results Entry list box appears on the right as well.  Remember that you can always select a different list view format to display the tests in if you like.  For now, I'm going to continue entering results for each test I have listed here, but you can click Save & Close at any point in the process and the results you have entered will be saved. When you are finished and click Save & Close, a message will appear confirming that Reflux Tests will be ordered, if the results dictate it.  As you can see, we have one that will be ordered after I click OK.

View Test Records – 03:50

Again, if Double Data Entry is required in your system, the Results Status for all the tests will be Pending rather than Entered.  Now the results are entered, the Results counter updates to reflect the new records. We can go to this tab and open the Test Results themselves to view the Test Record they belong to.  All of the test information is available here: Order, Pick Up, and Completion info along with the Results and Comments, these are the notes we entered before.  There is also a box for test reporting.  If you highlight the records on the Test tab of the landing page list view and print a report for them, this report box will update accordingly.  Finally, you can always quickly open the sample tied to the test you’re viewing by clicking View Sample.

Conclusion – 04:40

Well, that does it for today and the Testing Module series in general.  Thank you for watching, and see you next time.