What can Freezerworks do for you?



Freezerworks is a fully-configurable solution for sample tracking, sample management, and freezer inventory. Learn more about what Freezerworks can do for you by trying a demo today.


Freezerworks Sample Management Software

Freezerworks is your complete solution for sample management tracking and freezer inventory. Whether you're operating a single lab or an entire enterprise, Freezerworks will manage your samples and workflows quickly and accurately while meeting all regulatory requirements.  Freezerworks was created according to the FDA general principles for software validation and is a vital tool for CAP accreditation.

Freezerworks is suited for all freezers and tanks, as well as dry storage, cabinets, and shelves.  Logging in samples and navigating through freezers is easy and intuitive. Samples are quickly moved between freezers, benches, and departments using our automated processes for Checking Out, Checking In, and Shipping. Meanwhile, a complete audit trail tracks all activity.

Link your samples to patient and donor data using our state-of-the-art secure environment.  With powerful security features that grant access to authorized personnel while restricting it from others.

Available in three editions to best suit your sample management needs as well as your budget!