Who is the Freezerworks User?

freezerworks cold environment research laboratoryThe Freezerworks user is a laboratory or repository technician who receives specimens and data from all sorts of sources daily:  spreadsheets, instruments, text files, electronic and handwritten forms.

The Freezerworks user needs to gather information on those specimens and store it in a systematic way, a way in which they can locate it, retrieve it, understand it, and use it.

The Freezerworks user needs to merge information about those specimens with their physical location and where they may be going next.  And from there:  to separate, add, move, deplete, grow, and organize specimens and corresponding data…all in an environment in which rules and procedures are constantly adapting.  The Freezerworks user needs a tool that will grow and adapt with changing needs, and doesn’t always have time to have it built.

It’s an awesome task.   And those entrusted with the task of effective sample management have come to rely on Freezerworks as their indispensable wing man in tying together lab, sample and data management.

Freezerworks Users enjoy telling their story to others. So you don’t have to take our word for it. Click here for a sampling of our users and their stories of how Freezerworks helps them succeed in their tasks.

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