Our History


    Dataworks Development, Inc is founded, and soon provides PC data management for virology laboratories doing vital HIV research.


    The Retrovirus Lab Management Program® (RLMP) is installed in virology laboratories nationwide conducting HIV research.


    Freezerworks for DOS is launched, offering a configurable freezer inventory database program for the PC.


    The Freezerworks Bar Code module integrates Freezerworks with cryogenic safe bar code labelling.


    Freezerworks for Windows and Macintosh is launched: offering greater configurable features.


    Freezerworks Unlimited is launched, offering multiple configurable data entry screens and up to 2,000 User Defined Fields.


    Dataworks releases the Freezerworks Unlimited Testing Module, an early stage in the development of Freezerworks as a full fledged Laboratory Information Managament System. The Testing Module allows for configuring, assigning, and reporting on laboratory tests on samples and aliquots stored in Freezerworks, while tracking the chain of custody throughout. Dataworks also releases the SOAP Search Module with the FROST search tool, allowing for web searches and integration of Freezerworks with mobile apps, websites, and other laboratory software and systems.


    Dataworks releases SOAP Update, allowing for direct and secure input of data into Freezerworks Unlimited through web services. 3rd party apps soon follow, written by customers to integrate systems and manage workflow between Freezerworks and other systems and devices.


   Dataworks releases version 5.0 of Freezerworks Unlimited, including an SQL-92 compliant database engine that leads to dramatic increases in speed and performance. The first Users Education Conference occurs, inviting all Freezerworks users to meet and learn from our development and support staff.


    Freezerworks Basic 7 is released, offering a great many new features and dramatic increases in capacity, ease of use, and performance. Also, the Billing Module is added to Freezerworks Unlimited, allowing for users to invoice for repository services as well as for performing tests through the Testing Module.


    Dataworks releases Freezerworks Unlimited 6.0. New and improved report writer, expanded Entry Form capabilities including font options and branding, dashboard lite for quick access to data, and more.


    Dataworks launches Freezerworks 2015, combining Basic and Unlimited into one program with three editions, while adding a patient management module and web client.


    Dataworks introduces Freezerworks 2017. We have updated and improved Freezerworks 2015 to give you a better Web Client, Advanced Search, and field types, as well as added Workflow Templates, Email Integration, Requisitions, and more.


    Dataworks releases Freezerworks 2018, introducing Pinnacle Edition and Freezerworks Study Management. Now, Freezerworks provides an advanced solution to guide you through your clinical trials. Freezerworks 2018 10.1 is released later in the year, adding Charts and Dashboards to the Web Client and Freezerworks Invoicing to Summit editions and higher.


    Dataworks releases Freezerworks 2019. This version enhances Freezerworks Workflow Templates. Now, users can sub-aliquot and order tests when processing workflows. This version also introduces a redesigned Freezerworks. We added customizable Homepages for quick access to the inventory management tools users use the most, and we added an interactive freezer interface that automatically calculates freezer capacity when exploring freezers.


    Dataworks releases Freezerworks 2021, strengthening the capabilities of the Freezerworks Web Client. Now, Freezerworks provides users even more sample management tools when accessing their inventory data through the Web Client. Users now can add, edit, and delete Patient, Sample, Aliquot, and Transaction data. Users can also process workflows on their inventory. The Freezerworks Licensing system also received an update.