2015 Import Lesson 3



This is our final guide to the Freezerworks 2015 Import feature. Learn how you can use the Freezerworks Import Template and the Interactive auto-assign aliquot position feature to automatically assign freezer positions to aliquots during an import.


Video Transcript – 00:00

Hello, and welcome to lesson three on importing in Freezerworks 2015.  In this lesson, we're going to do a little bit of a change to Lesson One.  We're going to show you how to import samples and aliquots, but this time we are going to import them into locations in Freezerworks.  Whereas before we created aliquots from our 10 samples based on the number of aliquots per record,  this time we're going to do that as well, but we're also going to assign locations in Freezerworks.

Creating the Import File – 00:37

Let's go ahead and show you the spreadsheet that we're going to import.  As we can see here, it looks a lot like the one in the first example.  Ten Sample IDs, this time we're using 50,000, 50,001, and so forth.  So all we've changed is the Sample ID numbers, we have the same number of aliquots, so we're going to go ahead and create samples and aliquots during the import, but we're also going to assign locations to these aliquots, and they're going to be assigned in the same order as the spreadsheet that we see here. So, we want to go ahead as usual, and save our file as a .txt or .csv.  We've done that here, as you can see, so let's go ahead and do the important.

Updating the Import Format – 01:25

We go to Sample Management – Import Data.  Let's go ahead and go to the import that we created before.  These are the fields that we lined up the way that we had it before, as you can see Sample ID Import, Sample Date, and so forth. The Number of Aliquots total is our last field.  It's a Tab delimiter. Now, over here at Import Settings as you may remember, we added aliquots before and we automatically created them based on the Number of Aliquots field.  We're going to do the same thing, but now, we're going to click this one as well - Interactive auto-assign aliquot position. We will be prompted to go ahead and assign those aliquots we create to freezer locations.

Importing the File – 02:16

So, let's go ahead and do the import now.  Find the spreadsheet, and let's go ahead and open it, and  Interactive auto-assign brings us this window.  We select our freezer, let's go ahead and go back in the Demo Physical, like we did in Lesson Two, let's go to the Top Shelf, and let's go ahead and assign into Box 3 (remember Box 3 is empty), and we'll start at [Row]A  [Column]1.  We are going to create those aliquots, and then assign them in the order that they appear on the spreadsheet, beginning at Rack A, Box 3 A 1 for Top Shelf and Demo Physical.  Press OK and Freezerworks will write the import data and generate the samples and aliquots.  Here they are - we have 10 samples created with 55 aliquots.

Viewing Imported Data – 03:22

Let's go ahead and look at the import file.  Here they are, here's our 10 Sample IDs, we have our Number of Aliquots here. We have [Sample ID Import] 50,000 to [Sample ID Import] 50,009, 1 [Number of Aliquots] to 10 [Number of Aliquots].  Here's our 55 aliquots, another way of looking at it from an aliquot level.  So, let's go ahead and look at the first aliquot, sample 50,000.  We had one aliquot stored, and as you can see, this time we actually have a freezer location for that one aliquot.  We go to the next record 50,001 we have two aliquots, 50,002 will have three aliquots.  

Explore Freezers – 04:20

If we want to look at look at this from the box location we can come over here to use View Inventory – Explore Freezers.  Let's go to Demo Physical – Top Shelf – Rack A, and here's Box 3 (it is now filled in as well). Here are our aliquots.  We have displayed them by the sample ID so 50,000 is the first one, the one aliquot there, 50,002 has two aliquots here, and if we go in here we can see 50,002 (here are our three aliquots), here's the one that I clicked, and so forth.

Conclusion – 05:05

So, this is how we can import that same file and assign aliquots with freezer locations.