Batch Update Freezerworks 2015



Learn how to use the Batch Update tool in Freezerworks 2015 to efficiently update multiple records at once.


Batch Update Overview – 00:00

Central to Freezerworks is the ability to update numerous records all at once.  Batch Update is that very tool, and we're going to briefly walk through all seven different types of Batch Update today.  All of your batch update options will be found on the landing page list view.  Each page gives you different options, on the samples page you have two choices, Batch Update Samples and Batch Update Add Aliquots.

Batch Update Samples – 00:30

Batch Update Samples is your standard batch update, remember that the fields that you can update depend on the list format selected at the bottom of the landing page list view.  Select the field you want to update, and then select the update, and then click update to see the data change in every field accordingly. If the update is to your satisfaction click Save to finalize it.  If the changes you made are not correct, simply click Undo.  Click Done when you're ready to return to the list view.

Batch Update Add Aliquots – 01:15

Batch Update Add Aliquots allows you to quickly add any number of aliquots to any number of samples. Now, you will need to select an Aliquot Entry form to perform the update.  In order to do this, you will need to have marked some of your Aliquots Entry Forms for Batch Update during configuration.  To do this, open up the configuration for the Samples Entry Form containing the Aliquots form you want to use.  Then, we edit the Aliquots form and open up the Form Properties menu and click Set Batch Update Options.  Check on one or both boxes as Batch Update Create Sub-Aliquots requires an Aliquot Entry form as well.  This will add the Aliquots Entry form to the list we saw earlier.  Let's select the form and then fill it out to our satisfaction, making sure to enter how many aliquots we'd like to add to each sample.  Let's enter 5 for a number of aliquots to add 5 aliquots to each sample you have.

Batch Update Options on the Aliquots Page – 02:35

On the Aliquots page, there are four different batch update options. Batch Update Aliquots works just like Batch Update Samples.  Assign Positions is a batch update tool only available if you have freezer position fields on the list view format you have selected.  It works much like Batch Update Samples and Aliquots, but this is solely for position assignment.  The program will need to know what to do with aliquots that already have positions.  It can skip or assign a new position.  Now, Batch Update Add Sub-Aliquot is for creating aliquots from other aliquots, and this will require an Aliquot Entry form.  Batch Update Add Sub-Aliquot works much like Batch Update Add Aliquots, except that it has the Inherit from Parent tab, which allows you to quickly duplicate data for your sub-aliquots.  Batch Update Add Transactions lets you add the same transaction to any number of aliquots.  When you're done adding transactions, you can go to the Transactions page and use its only Batch Update button to modify them.  You can update the data or choose to simply clear some of the fields with the check boxes on the right.

Conclusion – 04:04

That'll do for Batch Update today.  Thank you for watching, and until next time.