Configuring Freezers in 5.1

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Learn how to build your physical freezer within Freezeroworks Unlimited 5.1.


Freezerworks Unlimited Introduction – 00:00

Hello, and welcome to the presentation on the new features in Freezerworks Unlimited 5.1.  I'm Rick Michels, the Vice President of Marketing and Customer Relations.  Here at Freezerworks, we’re very excited about the new features in 5.1 and I want to give you an example of what you can look forward to as you look into upgrading.

Merging Virtual Freezers – 00:24

Let's start with Configure Freezers.  Some of the new things we have in configure Freezers is we've taken away the need to create what we call, “virtual” freezers.  “Virtual” freezer is when you've broken your freezer into multiple sections because of the different setups your freezer has.  What we've done now, is given you the ability to take your “virtual” freezers and put them together.  So, what we do is we merge your “virtual” freezer into an actual physical freezer.  So, as you upgrade, existing freezers are upgraded as Freezer Sections and one freezer with one freezer section, then your freezer can be attached together to create one physical freezer.  So here's an example of “virtual” freezers from our User’s manual.  You can see this top shelf is made up of stacks of microtiter plates, whereas the rest of the freezer has a more standard 9 box racks, each with a 9x9 freezer box.  So what we've had to do is create two virtual freezers, a freezer called Shelf 1 and a freezer called Shelf 2 through 5, both in a freezer we named Freezer 2.  Let's go to version 5.1 which has been upgraded from 5.0.  We're now going to take these two virtual freezers and create one freezer.  We're going to put them together to create one freezer, Freezer 2.  So, we have our physical freezer and during the upgrade, every freezer has been created as a freezer section within the physical freezer so that these sections can be put together back into the original physical freezer, has sections of that freezer.  Here, we see the Shelf 1 section of Freezer 2 and we also have a physical freezer, Shelf 2 – 5, with its own section.  What we want to do now is put these two freezers back together.  As you can see in Explore Freezer, they are two separate freezers with two separate freezer sections, but we can put these two sections together into one freezer again by merging them.  We're going to do that now.

Back to System Admin, and in the Freezer Section, we’ll go to Merge Freezers.  So, step one is to highlight the freezer that we want to merge from the list of freezers here on the left.  We want to merge Freezer 2, 2 – 5, this freezer section here.  We're going to merge it into Freezer 2 Physical by selecting it in the Move to Freezer, like so.  This will put the two freezers together when we select Move.  Let's go ahead, and at this point, we want to delete the old freezer since it's now empty.  Now we can see that we have one Freezer 2 Physical, and as we open it up we see that we have Shelf 1 and Shelf 2 – 5 all in one freezer.  The freezer’s section has been moved, we confirm it.  Now, let's go back and take a look in Explore Freezers.  We can see that the move has been successful.  Let's go back to Configure Freezers and take another look at our Freezer 2.  Our physical freezer now has both freezer sections in it.  We also have up and down buttons to move them into the proper order if they're not in the proper order.  We've also added features in freezers, such as the ability to save your freezer section configurations as well as enhancing box maps.  

Box Maps – 05:05

Box Maps can be configurable by the freezer, as well as a freezer sections.  Let's look at those now.  We'll start with Location Defaults.  Here, you can set the color of fill positions based on the value of a selected field.  You can tell Freezerworks to only fill adjacent positions during auto assign, so if you have a sample with the seven aliquots and you want to keep these aliquots together (you don't want them separated in the freezer),  you can say tell Freezerworks to go find the next 7 contiguous spaces and assign the vials into that space.  You can also select the display fields in Explore Freezers and box maps for any type of freezer that you have, you're not restricted to one field in those displays.  When you're looking at certain boxes and you want to display one key field, you can set up different fields.  You can display whatever field you need to see at the time when you're going through Explore Freezers.  Each Freezer Section has its own defaults.  

Here, we see the Location Defaults tab in the Freezer Section.  We can see that yellow is the fill position, the default position.  If I'm looking at a box and the cell is yellow, that means at that cell is filled with a vial, and then I can also change the color based on a field within Freezerworks.  So, I've selected here a User Defined Field called Aliquot Type and I have given different colors based on the different aliquot types.  So, I can see that all the red aliquots are Plasma, all the yellow ones are Serum, and all the blue ones are Cells.  And then down here, I tell Freezerworks that for this freezer section Fill Adjacent Positions during auto-assign (if I want to), I select that here.  Here, I can tell it which key field to display when scrolling through our freezers and boxes in the Explore Freezers option.  

So let's demonstrate.  Let's go back to Configure Freezers, and here's our list of freezers.  We're going to select Freezer 1 Physical.  This has three different sections of different configurations, including a bottom shelf which we're only holding bags.  We're going to go to Location Default tab up above and show you how you can color your aliquot based on any User Defined Field, we've selected Aliquot Type here.  For every aliquot type, we've assigned a color.  This is for this Freezer 1 Physical but we can also do the same thing for a section within the freezer, Plasma and Serum here.  Let's now show you how this works.  We'll go to Explore Freezer to open up a box map.  Here at Explore Freezer, we’ll open up Freezer 1.  Let's go to Section 1 and open up Box.  We can see that the aliquots in that box are colored based on the Aliquot Type that's being stored in the box, and then Section 2 where we store Plasma and Serum only, we have a different color scheme.  As we open up that section, we can see this different scheme.  The fields you use and the colors you use can be system-wide or Freezer and Freezer Section specific.  You can also, at any time, change the field to display with the aliquot, you do that here.