Did You Know? #2 Key Stroke Shortcuts



Use these useful keystroke shortcuts in Freezerworks 2017 to find lost windows, close windows, re-highlight selections, use the Help Guide, and more.

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Lost Window – 00:00

Hi there.  Have you ever seen this icon in place of your cursor and lost your mind (understandably of course though)?  This icon means there is a lost window, and sometimes when this occurs you can't do anything else in Freezerworks until you find the window.  Instead of scouring the far reaches of the program, however, quickly bring up the lost window by hitting the <ESC> key.

Closing and Moving open Freezerworks Windows – 00:40

Now, there are some other keystroke shortcuts to use with Windows.  Like, did you know that <Ctrl> + the period key will close the currently open window?  Pretty nifty!  And, laptop users especially, have you ever opened a window to find it stuck in the corner like this?  Did you know that if you combine <Ctrl> with both a right and a left click of the mouse, you can move windows without the header, like so?

Re-highlighting Records in the List View – 01:12

Did any of you know about the Re-Highlight button on the inventory list view?  Say you highlight a bunch of records, and you accidentally click and lose the selection; well simply click Re-Highlight and you'll get your previous selection back.

Help Guide Location – 01:35

Finally, did you know that our help guide, where you'll find many more answers than are given in these videos, isn’t actually on the Help menu, but right next to it in the Help and Support menu?  This is also where you'll find links to our website, including one that will take you straight to this video library.

Conclusion – 01:55

Well, that concludes this edition of Did You Know.  Thank you for watching, and see you next time.