Did You Know? #4 General List View Tips



Learn more about the additional List View tips for efficient searching. With Freezerworks 2017, you can open a new view, use wildcard characters with your searches, configure the column headings to only display information that is needed, and more.

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New View Button – 00:00

Hi there.  Let's continue our look at the inventory list view with a few general tips.  Like, did you know about the New View button?  Let's say you're searching and want to maintain the results in one list view while paring down further and further, or continuing to search.  Clicking New View will open a copy of the inventory list view window with the same selection of records; so you can keep one selection in focus while looking for another to compare.  Do this as many times as you want.

Search Wildcards – 00:45

Speaking of searches, did you know that you can use the @ sign as a wildcard character?  Let's say I want to find records that have an ID with a specific prefix, I can enter that prefix followed by the @ sign and every record with that prefix will appear.

Configuring List Views – 01:05

Did you know that if you have permission to configure list views, there's a small gear button next to the select list format drop-down that opens a configuration form for the currently selected format?  This is so you can quickly make changes to the format, say, if you realize a field is missing from your data before you do an export.

Edit in List View – 01:30

Finally, in line with configuration, did you know that you can allow users to edit non-numeric data straight from the inventory list view?  If you turn this on in configuration, users will find an Edit in List button on the left whenever this format is selected.  Clicking it will enter edit mode.  Like the Modify List tool inside Samples Entry, click into individual cells to edit the data inside.  When you're done, click Stop Editing to return the list view to its normal state.  Be sure though to click Save afterwards as you don't want to lose all your changes.

Conclusion – 02:05

Well, that about does it for today's edition of Did You Know.  Thank you for watching, and see you next time.