Entry Form Design Palette Freezerworks 2015



Use the Freezerworks Design Palette to add graphics, shapes, texts, colors, and more to your sample, aliquot, and patient entry screens.

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Configure Sample Entry Forms introduction – 00:00

Let's talk about the Palette in Freezerworks 2015.  Open System Admins - Configure Samples Entry. Click on Add New, then let's give our form a name and give our groups access to it.  

Adding Fields – 00:18

The palette is your all-powerful entry form configuration tool.  Click and drag the fields you want on the form.  Make your form look clean and professional by highlighting the fields and utilizing the 10 alignment tools.  

Entering Free Text – 00:47

You can add free text by clicking the big “T” and dragging on the entry form.  Enter the text you want using the Properties dialog that appears.  Use the word processing tools to size and style your text (these are on the palette as well).  

Sample Entry Form Shapes – 01:08

You can also draw lines, squares, and circles to organize or call attention to certain parts of your entry form. You can then add color to any of your objects using the border and background color swatches.  The little double arrow, (to the top right of the color swatches) switches the border and background colors to help quickly create different objects.  The little black and white swatches, (to the bottom left) return the larger swatches to those default colors.  

Adding Images to the Sample Entry Form – 01:40

Maybe you'd like to add your company's logo to your entry form, click the picture button, drag to the size you want, and then click import image on the opening object properties dialog.  

Editing Objects on the form – 01:55

Double-click any object to bring up its properties dialog, where you can directly modify the objects color, size, opacity, rotation, and in case of squares, their corners.  

Entry Order Tab – 02:10

The Entry Order tab shows you the order that users will enter data and tab through fields when using the form.  Highlight and click the arrow buttons to move fields up and down the order, or simply click and drag.

Conclusion – 02:24

And that my friends, is our palette.