Freezerworks Unlimited 6 Quick Start Guide, part 1: Get Started

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This is part 1 of a 5 part video guide teaching Freezerworks Unlimited 6. This guide explains how to open Freezerworks and log in, and briefly describes the menus and main screens.

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Introduction – 00:00

Welcome to the Freezerworks Unlimited Quick Start Guide, Part 1: Getting Started.  By now, you should have installed Freezerworks.

Opening Freezerworks – 00:14

To open Freezerworks, locate the .exe or double-click your Freezerworks icon.  Unless you are upgrading an existing Freezerworks data file, you will want to create a new one here.  Press Save at the “Create a new 4D Data File” screen.  If you have a purchased version, enter the number and press OK.  For demo version’s, leave the serial number blank, then press Cancel.

Logging On – 01:12

Type admin for username, and leave password blank.  To register your purchased copy, fill this screen out, print, and fax it to us.  

Freezerworks set-up – 01:35

This is the interactive System Configuration and Setup guide.  Use it to follow and keep track of all the steps for configuring Freezerworks.  Use the System Admin and any other menus above as well.  For help anytime, locate Freezerworks Help under the Manuals menu.  We are going to do a quick and basic setup of our Freezerworks demo.  Go to Sample Mgmt – Add New Samples.  There are no fields yet, neither sample fields here above nor aliquot fields here below.  We are going to build this screen with User Defined Fields, but before we do, let's first create a freezer.

Conclusion – 02:40

In Part 2 we will begin to build our system, beginning with configuring a freezer.