Security: Owner Level Sample Security Freezerworks 2015



Learn how to control access to sample records based on the user’s ownership privileges. This video guide will describe Owner Level Sample Security, when to use it, and how to configure it.

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Introduction – 00:00

The second level of Freezerworks security is called Owner Level Security.

Turning on Owner Level Security – 00:05

First, we must make sure that Owner Level Security is turned on for upcoming work to take effect.  Let's go to System Admin – System Properties and click the Security page button.  Then, we check on Enable Owner Level Security and click Save.

Using Owner Level Security – 00:22

Now, let's open a user record from the System Admin Users list view.  Let's go to the Sample Security page.  First, we define the Default Access Level for records owned by the user.  Let's pick Modify and Delete.  We can then configure specific Access Levels for separate groups of users.  With this setup, normal users will have Modify and Delete access to John’s samples, but users that belong to the Ascent group will only be able to view them.  To facilitate security in Freezerworks, every user should be made a member of a group.  For more info about this see our security video on User Permissions.  Let's save our user record, and now let's talk about Owners.

Sample Ownership – 01:18

A sample record is owned by the user that added it to the system, whether that was manually or through batch entry, import, etc.  Now, this is a Read Only field and cannot be edited unless a user with permission to reassign Sample Ownership does so.  To do this, use searches and subset to get a selection of samples, ensuring that only the ones you want to reassign are in the selection.  Now, open System Admin - Reassign Sample Ownership and select the new desired owner from the drop-down.  You'll get a User Confirmation ensuring you're doing exactly what you want to be doing.  We'll see that the owner name changes to John S so that the owner level securities we set up at the beginning of this video will take effect for these samples.

Conclusion – 02:10

Well, there you have it.  Thank you, and until next time!