Presentation of Freezerworks Unlimited 6.0

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Learn about batch updates, freezer configurations, sample management, and much more in this overview of the powerful features available in Freezerworks Unlimited 6.0.


Freezerworks Unlimited 6.0 Introduction – 00:00

Freezerworks is your complete solution to sample tracking, freezer inventory, and sample management.  Manage your samples and workflow quickly, easily, and accurately while meeting all your GxP and CFR part 11 requirements.  All this, while designing your entry screens with your brand and fields in mind.  Freezerworks is developed according to the FDA general principles of software validation, offering power and configurability for freezer security and quality assurance, user and group security, search tools for locating samples, and after locating them, batch tools help you manage large numbers of samples and vials.

Batch Update – 01:15

Let's look at Batch Update.  Select the samples you need to update and select Batch Update.  Select the field you need to update, let's update these to Protocol equals abc123.  Save the changes or undo, and try again.  All updates are recorded in the Audit Trail.

Freezerworks Freezers – 01:45

Freezerworks works for all freezers and tanks, even dry storage cabinets and shelves.  Multiple use freezers are not a problem with our configurable Freezer Sections.  Configure every container as needed, and triangle shaped boxes are not a problem.  Navigation through freezers is simple using the explorer tree with container graphics.  Powerful, yet flexible, security features restrict from and allow access to the right people.  Control access, even at the Freezer Section level.  For this freezer, the Chem group will be denied access.  Each freezer can be color-coded.  Color and text combine to tell you exactly what is in each box. Configure uniquely for each freezer, each section, or standardized across all.  And managing your freezers and samples is quick and easy with Freezerworks, whether you’re adding new samples or performing a wide range of management tasks.  

Adding Samples – 03:40

Let's add a new sample in this box, with 10 aliquots here.  A click takes us to the Samples Entry form with our 10 aliquots in the scroll window below.  Enter sample data into the fields and screens you've configured. Freezerworks offers up to 2000 User Defined Fields to be placed on as many entry forms as you need. Build vital relationships between your fields.  Press save and our new vials are added to the box.  And here they are.  Or, add samples and aliquots directly from the Samples Entry forms.  All fields are configurable:

  • Default Entries
  • Calculations
  • Auto-generated
  • Entries based on other field entries
  • Color-coded
  • and more!

Let's add 5 aliquots to this sample record.  Select the freezer and section.  Freezerworks will locate the last position you used and offer you the next open positions available.  Enter all vital aliquot information.  Save your locations, enter additional aliquots in other freezers, or press cancel when finished.  All entry and changes made are tracked in the Audit Trail.  A robust Audit Trail is vital for proper laboratory data management.  

Aliquot Actions – 06:00

Keep track of aliquot movement: Check Outs, Check Ins, Shipping removals, and Sub-aliquoting.  Here, we will Check out two aliquots.  A number of options help manage your inventory for all vial movement.  Icons tell you the aliquots are checked out.  A well run biobank needs a good shipping program.  Use the powerful search options to locate aliquots for shipping and copy them to the appropriate shipping file.  Verify your aliquots, create ship boxes, export data to excel, ship and track, all from one screen.  Freezerworks offers a powerful feature for moving aliquots between freezers.  Move entire racks, boxes, or a selection of aliquots.  Let's move these five aliquots to the LN2 freezer.  Confirm your move and press OK.  And our move is complete.  Entire racks, boxes, and sections can be moved as well, through drag and drop.  And all moves are pending until you press Save.  Here is a move of Rack A from Shelf 1 to Shelf 2 using drag and drop. Moves are pending until you press Save one final time to leave this screen. 

Additional Features – 08:30

Turn Freezerworks into a full LIMS with the Testing module.  Manage your testing workflow, from ordering to reporting, with our configurable testing option.  From the entry screen, select Tests.  Configure the system to order and track results for a wide range of tests, (a full range of testing options are available).  Recover the costs of your testing and biobanking services through the Billing module.  Create a catalog of services for invoicing.  There is so much more to see.  Contact us today for your full working demo, we will even set it up for you.