Search By Barcode



Use the powerful Search by Barcode feature in Freezerworks to quickly view a collection of aliquots using a scanner.


Introduction – 00:00

Welcome to your sample management solution, Freezerworks 2018. Today we're going to take a short look at an easy to use, yet powerful, search tool called Search by Barcode. If you have a ton of barcoded vials that you want to quickly pull up in Freezerworks, you can use any handheld scanner to do so. Just plug your device in and pull out your vials, or any other list of barcodes you need to scan and find in Freezerworks.

Search by Barcode – 00:40

I’ve got my scanner, I’ve got my vials, and now in Freezerworks, we're going to want to open the Search menu and select Search by Barcode. It's a fairly simple form. First, determine the field you'll be searching on. In other words, “what is the field that corresponds to the barcode values you'll be scanning?” Well, since I've got a bunch of vials that have Aliquot ID labels on them, I'll select Unique Aliquot ID. This next part is pretty cool; so I have a bunch of vials to scan, but I actually want to see the patients that those aliquots belong to. To do this, I'll change the “Return list of Records in” dropdown to Patients. If instead, I wanted to see the samples that these aliquots belong to, I'd select Samples. It's up to you. Remember that you can always see inventory relationships later on the list view. You'll see that in just a second.

Start Scanning – 01:40

For now, I'll leave it on samples and click start scanning. An Enter Value box will appear. This is where you'll pick up your scanner and quickly start entering each vial’s ID for searching. Your scanner should automatically hit the enter key so you don't have to stop scanning until the job is done. When you scan your last barcode, click Done. Scroll through your values to verify them. If you'd like, then click Search. Now, this is a message you'll see if there are any values you scanned but didn't find in Freezerworks. We'll provide the values and the ability to export or print the information. I removed these aliquots on purpose for this demonstration, but let's print a report of the information anyways.

View Results – 02:35

Now that I've reported out the missing records, I can click Search Results to see the samples of the aliquots I scanned belong to. Here they are, and now that we're on the list view, I can click the Aliquots tab to see the actual aliquots I scanned, or the Patients tab to see the patients the aliquots I scanned belong to. Whatever I want to do with the selection, I can do, using the list view. When I'm done working with a selection, I click Close and I'm returned to the Search by Barcode tool, where I can Click Clear lists and scan another batch of barcodes.

Conclusion – 03:10

That about does it for today's look at Search by Barcode. For more help using our LIMS, Freezerworks, take a look at the rest of our video library. Thanks as always for watching, see you next time.