Testing Pt 3.



Part 3 of the Testing video series explains what to do after configuring a test. Learn how to order tests on samples, pick up the samples for testing, and complete the tests.

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Introduction – 00:00

Hello, and welcome to part three of our look at the updated Testing Module in Freezerworks 2017.  Today, we are going to run through the traditional first three steps in the testing process: Ordering, Picking Up, and Completing.  Your system may not require test pickup and or completion prior to entry results, but it is common that these steps take place after initial ordering of tests and before results are entered, especially if a separate user must enter results in your system.  Use the Testing page in System Properties to set requirements for these steps.  You can also enforce workflow activities during the pickup and completion steps (check out a pickup and check in on completion).  Of course, you will need to be ordering tests on aliquots or both for these workflow options to take effect.  So, let's order some tests.  

Order – 01:10

You'll begin by locating the samples or Aliquots you want to order tests for.  Use any of the available search tools to do so, I'll go ahead and use Simple Search to find aliquots of type whole blood. Once you find the desired aliquots, highlight them and click Order Tests on the left.  The order test overlay will appear, check on the test you'd like to run on the selected records.  We're just going to check on HIV Test, but you can check on as many as you'd like.  You can then click into the individual cells for Number of Runs and Date Due to set these fields.  For each test, Number of Runs dictates how many times the test will be run, and Date Due is when the test needs to be done by.  You can set the field that signifies Day Due in System Properties.  Finally, if you need to edit the Order Date, Time, or Tech for any reason, please do so.  If everything looks good, click Order Tests.  You will be returned to the landing page list view with the selected records still highlighted.  Notice that the tests counter is updated with the recently ordered tests.  Click the tab to see these tests, as you can see each individual tests receives a Unique Test Order ID and the Date Due field is filled in with what we entered at the order screen.  

Pick Up – 02:52

Now, it's time to pick up the records for testing.  Highlight the desired tests and click Pick Up on the left.  If you have enforced Check Out at the pickup step, this is where you would select a Workflow Template and process it on the aliquot selected for testing.  Otherwise, you will see this Pickup form where you can simply edit the Pickup Date, Time, and Tech before selecting Yes to continue.  Now, these pick up fields will automatically be filled in by workflows respective fields if you are running a check out.  After you click Yes, you have the option of printing a Pickup List which is essentially a report of the records picked up for testing.  You can do this with or without location information.  Once you are returned to the landing page list view, you'll notice that Results Status is now set to Picked Up for all the records and the Pickup Date, Time, and Tech fields are filled in as well.  

Complete – 03:53

Now, we can complete the tests.  Highlight the records and click Complete Test.  If you have inforced check in and completion, this is where you would select a Workflow Template and process it on the aliquot selected for testing.  Otherwise, you will see this Complete Tests form which looks nearly identical to the Pickup form.  You can edit the Completion Date, Time, and Tech if you desire, and again these fields will be filled automatically by the workflow if you're going that route.  Once you're ready, click Yes.  You will then be returned to the landing page list view where, again, you will notice that the Results Status is updated, this time to Completed.

Conclusion – 04:33

And that does it for today! Join us in our next video where we'll enter results for these now completed tests.  Thank you for watching and see you next time!